KULeuven Campus Kortrijk

Campus Kortrijk is part of the NPO K.U.Leuven Association, an open and dynamic network of institutions of higher education that comprises 12 institutions of higher education distributed over 23 Flemish towns and serves over 70,000 students. Campus Kortrijk is a component of K.U.Leuven, with which it shares its programmes, its professors, and its high standards for quality in education, research and service to the community. The campus has some 120 academics in residence, complemented with some 100 Leuven academics who regularly teach in Kortrijk. Our Alma Mater is an internationally renowned institution, with excellent education and research potentials and with strong networks, both locally and internationally. Campus Kortrijk has chosen to be a campus which provides a 'launch pad' for university studies. With some exceptions, students at our campus take the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. They generally continue their studies in Leuven.

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