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Six Feet Up is focused on the development of advanced content solutions. Whether it is a complex CMS for hundreds of websites, a way to integrate multiple web applications, or custom app development, we have done it. We believe in the power, security, and scalability of Python-based applications. Our team stays on top by contributing back to open source, speaking at major conferences, and leading development workshops around the world.
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Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company  that develops,  hosts and supports open source sophisticated web projects, from enterprise content management and collaborative intranets to mobile apps.  Our clients include top universities and life sciences organizations, growing  and distributed teams, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Six Feet Up has been a leader in Plone development, solutions and hosting since 2003.

As a company, we are heavily involved in giving back to the open source community.


Six Feet Up is focused on the development of advanced content solutions. Whether it is a complex CMS for hundreds of websites, a way to integrate multiple web applications, or custom app development, we’ve done it.  We believe in the power, security, and scalability of Python-based applications. Our team stays on top by contributing back to open source, speaking at major conferences, and leading development workshops around the world.


Six Feet Up specializes in hosting advanced websites, intranets, and critical web applications that require a hands-on managed hosting environment. We are the largest Plone host and host the official and websites. When the people who know Plone best look for hosting, they come to Six Feet Up.

Because we offer hosting, application support, and development, we can quickly fix issues and avoid the “finger pointing slowdown”. We have servers with 100% uptime for years, and host critical applications for Fortune 100 companies.  We offer state-of-the-art monitoring and system administrators on call 24/7. Our infrastructure includes redundant data centers with multi-factor security, redundant internet connectivity, and redundant cooling.


Along the way Six Feet Up has built products that extend the functionality of the Plone CMS and provide key features for our clients. Some products are made available as open source for the entire community to benefit from: Lineage, Resonate, SolrIndex, etc.

Case Studies

Healthcare: Case Study on a Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company (United States)
SIx Feet Up reviews the process and results of a project for a Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company
Food and Related Products: a Sweet Opportunity to Deliver Global Reach in Weeks (Brazil)
The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA), needed a new website to serve as a global information hub on sugarcane products and their global economic, environmental and social benefits.

Deployed Sites

American Red Ball (United States)
In addition to a brand new look, the site features a lot of useful information, tips and advice to ensure a successful and smooth move. Under the "Interactive Planning Calendar" section, visitors can even enter their moving date and email address and the system will automatically send them weekly reminders of things to do to prepare for their move. Visitors can easily find a local agent thanks to a simple Agent Listing page where Red Ball agents are listed by state. The new website was designed and developed by Six Feet Up, and is powered by Plone 2.1.3, an open source Content Management System that runs on the Zope application server (2.8.5).
Bowitt Products Inc (United States)
Faced with steep competetition, custom-mold company Bowitt needed to broaden its reach and communicate their new positioning through a new corporate website. Six Feet Up designed and developed a Content Managed website featuring new design in coordination with its branding drive. The site conveniently presents products organized by categories with cross-links to related industries, materials and articles.
College Preparatory School (United States)
Six Feet Up helped the College Preparatory School (CPS) with the deployment of their new calendar-driven Zope/Plone website, providing guidance on the selection of appropriate open source technologies, and implementing key functionalities. The new website features a custom look and feel based on which section is displayed. Banner images, link colors, button styles and other visual elements get automatically updated thanks to the implementation of dynamic CSS rules. A Photo Randomizer tool provides a rich experience throughout the site by randomizing pictures shown in the right side bar. Taking customization to the next level, Six Feet Up developed an enhanced Calendar tool that restricts the events shown in the Calendar portlet depending on where you are in the site. To browse upcoming school events visitors can also use a calendar's month-view, and click a date to get to the calendar's day-view thanks to the integration of the Event type with the Plone CalendarX product. Upcoming events feature description text and images. As events expire, College Preparatory School staff members can easily update the information to look like a press item accompanied by a photo-album. To achieve this, Six Feet Up created a custom Event type featuring a dynamic view based on what the type contains. As far as user management is concerned, Six Feet Up used CMFMember (an Archetype-based Member creation and management system) to create a custom Member type for teachers and administrators. This allows the School to gather extra information such as the teacher's department, phone number, education background, web page etc., and use it to dynamically create a master contact list based on the member's status. Last, Six Feet Up upgraded, tested and deployed the main Plone templates to ensure a smoother Plone 2.0.5 to 2.1 migration. Especially, the portal navigation settings were modified to start showing navigation items at a sub-level, and limited the types showing up in the navigation portlet.
College Subsite Management at Notre Dame with Six Feet Up (United States)
Six Feet Up rebuilt the College of Engineering website using the sophisticated and mature open source content management system Plone to deliver a "hub and spoke" system using Lineage and Resonate. The goal was to integrate all of the College's departments and research centers child sites, to greatly simplify content syndication, and to increase search engine rankings.
Columbia River PUD (United States)
Columbia River PUD asked Six Feet Up for help with the migration of their existing site from Plone 2.1 to Plone 2.5. This included bringing all current templates up to date with the latest Plone best practices and safely migrating the data to the new instance. An advertising management system based off of PromoEngine was also deployed to allow Columbia River to easily manage the content and location of their ad portlets. In addition, Kupu-enabled portlets were set up in the left column so that custom content may be easily added to all pages of each main section. Last, Six Feet Up provided some navigability improvements through the implementation of a color-coded navigation system.
EIMInstitute (United States)
The Enterprise Information Management Institute was interested in building a peer-to-peer portal for information management industry experts. They already had a design in mind and were mainly looking for implementation services. Developed and hosted by Six Feet Up, the new website is powered by the open source Content Management System Plone 2.5 and integrates the design provided by the Client. Anonymous visitors can browse through the archives of the EIMInsight monthly electronic magazine, read about the institute and review the organization's list of partners. Joining the site is free and gives members access to premium content such as articles, white papers and other publications written by experts in their fields. They can also look for specific information by searching on keywords, author names or topics. The organization staff members are in total control of the website content thanks to the live edit features provided by Kupu, the WYSIWYG editor. To simplify content management, the system automatically syndicates articles to the bio page of their related author(s) so that visitors can easily access a list of all publications written by a specific expert. Rotating and non-rotating banner advertising slots throughout the site also allow EIMInstitute to generate revenues as well as feature specific content.
EWSolutions Inc. (United States)
EWSolutions wanted to update the look and feel of their website and was looking for a solution to reduce maintenance, increase content consistency across the site and expand services provided to their customers and registered visitors through the deployment of a Content Management System (CMS). Six Feet Up developed a new high-end, technology-oriented look and feel that was more appropriate for the company's website. A section dedicated to the company's annual event, the Marco Masters conference series, was developed where visitors can register and pay online (the system provides for automatic group discounts). A Membership Management System is prompting visitors to create an account online and log-in to get access to past issues of the company's newsletter, and to premium content such as white papers and articles. The system also prompts visitors for additional demographic information which they may not have already provided. A section makes books by EWSolutions' CEO and partners available through's Affiliate Program using Amazon's web services. Finally, EWSolutions Marketing department is able to send out HTML newsletters that are automatically generated using the content of recent articles posted to the Content Management System.
Erlewein Mortuary (United States)
Six Feet Up is now offering a content management product for the funeral service industry. Each site features a fully custom interface thanks to the implementation of custom Plone skins. Indiana-based Erlewein Mortuaries is the first funeral home to use Six Feet Up's new vertical solution. Powered by the Plone Content Management System (CMS), the website provides visitors with useful information on making funeral arrangements, planning one's own funeral in advance, or buying a monument, marker, or crypt. A section dedicated to grief resources features a blog that the mortuary can use to easily provide advice based on their experience. Visitors can also browse obituaries and register to post notes, pictures and video files about their loved ones. Obituaries are linked to a dynamic calendar in order to make it easy for visitors to see related life celebration events.
Hancock County Visitors Bureau (United States)
The Visitors Bureau wanted to provide residents and visitors with a central repository of information on local services and entertainment opportunities. Six Feet Up designed and built a new website featuring over 1,000 local and national organizations. The site is easily maintained by the Visitors Bureau through an open source Content Management System (CMS).
Haussmann Stone (United States)
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Haussmann Stone imports and distributes high-end stone products and services to individuals and commercial customers. Haussmann Stone asked Six Feet Up to develop their new corporate website, which invites visitors to learn about the company's stones and browse through their project portfolio. In order to address the new company's budget constraints, Six Feet Up simply customized the default Plone skin with Haussmann Stone's logo and colors, and focused its efforts on making sure relevant content was easily accessible to visitors. Based on the open source product Plone 2.1.3, Haussmann Stone's website is entirely content-managed, which makes it easy for the company's staff members to manage their large database of products and projects. The site's stone catalog features a library of over 50 products and provides visitors information about the stones origins, applications, color ranges and technical characteristics. Related products are displayed to help Haussmann Stone's customers consider additional options. Links to projects showcasing the stones are also handily available.
Holland Company (United States)
Based in Illinois, Holland Company enjoys a world leader position in the rail maintenance market. Following a series of company acquisitions, Holland was in need of a new corporate website integrating all departments in a consistent matter under one common look. Six Feet Up provided marketing consulting services to help Holland finalize their new positioning and organize their online content. Six Feet Up then translated the newly defined branding strategy into a website design that ties in with Holland's existing collaterals. Six Feet Up partnered with Contextual Corp to implement a Plone-based Content Management System that allows Holland Staff to easily manage content onto the new website. In addition, the new site features a product catalog that directly integrates with Holland's existing ERP system by pulling XML information and displaying the data directly into the Plone interface. Finally, Six Feet Up deployed a clustered Zope server at Holland's facility to ensure maximum availability.
ICE Safety Solutions (United States)
Visitors going to ICE Safety Solutions' new website can now browse through a calendar of upcoming public community classes, register for one or more seats in a specific class, and pay online by credit card or PO number. Bigger corporate customers can create their own accounts and place online requests for custom training courses. As their requests get reviewed and approved by ICE's staff, they automatically receive a course code for their employees to use to individually register for each class. This allows ICE and their corporate clients to track how many attendees are scheduled for each training session and quickly communicate with everybody in a class. It also allows ICE clients to define which employee is eligible to attend what class, and who actually attended a scheduled course. The new website also includes a product catalog featuring CPR items that visitors can add to their shopping cart. The integration of Fedex online services into the company's site allows the system to connect directly to FedEx when customers place shipping orders. The new fully content-managed website was developed by Six Feet Up and is based off of open source technologies such as Zope, Plone, CMFMember, and PloneMall.
Rosetta Project (United States)
The Rosetta digital library is the largest descriptive linguistic resource on the web. It currently serves over 90,000 text pages documenting writing systems, phonology, grammar, analysed texts, typology, core vocabulary, numbering systems, maps, audio files, and demographic/historical descriptions for over 2,500 of the 7,000 languages.
San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association (United States)
Six Feet Up provided the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association with a new website featuring a Job Bank section. Job Seekers can now upload multiple resumes at no charge, receive email notifications about new postings and browse through open job descriptions using powerful search capabilities. Employers can post job descriptions and search through resumes by either typing keywords or using preset search criterias. Powered by a Content Management System based on Plone, the new site also allows the non-profit organization to manage content by themselves. SFAMA staff members post and edit information about upcoming events via a content managed calendar. The information is automatically syndicated to the Home page and displayed as a clickable mini calendar. Finally, a Membership Management System manages access to specific areas of the site and manages job bank user registration, job bank user information and job bank user authoring privileges. It also manages editing rights for SFAMA's site administrators.
St. Paul's Episcopal School (United States)
California-based St. Paul's Episcopal School required a simple and fast web-based content management system allowing their administration staff and teachers to feed parents and students with up-to-date information. During the first phase of the project, Six Feet Up deployed a Plone-based website with a complete new look and feel that portrays the School's emphasis on diversity and spirituality. Especially, the colorful interface relates to its audience (parents and students) on multiple levels through strong design, colors and pictures. Six Feet Up created a section-specific style treatment by adding an attribute to each section in the ZMI that specifies the section color. Page templates were then modified to display the color. The second release of the project covered the development of a password-protected communication platform. Parents can now log in and get access to parent meeting minutes, school private announcements, and school event details. Parents can also report their hours of volunteer service online, allowing school administrators to keep track of volunteering efforts, coordinate resources, and better manage fund-raising events. Finally, students can review upcoming class assignments, read teachers notes, and see class-specific announcements. In addition, each grade has an area dedicated to their photo albums.
Stone Selection Inc. (United States)
Designed and developed by Six Feet Up, the site allows Stone Selection's customers to browse through an impressive catalog of stones and projects, order product samples, and request job quotes. The stone catalog now includes two new product lines (patterns and mosaics) and provides visitors with a detailed profile of each stone including the origin of the stone, color and finish characteristics, and technical specifications. Enlarged pictures of each product are now available, as well as links to other related and/or similar products. Links to related residential and/or commercial projects are prominently displayed on each page, allowing visitors to switch back and forth between stones and projects to visualize what a stone will look like once in place. The new website is running on top of a fully integrated Plone 2.0 Content Management system which allows Stone Selection's staff to easily maintain their product and project catalog. To achieve this, Six Feet Up created several custom types using Archetypes for products, projects, materials etc. With their new website, Stone Selection aims to be the new stone reference in the construction and remodeling industry.
The Alliance for Corporate Wealth (United States)
The Alliance for Corporate Wealth wanted to launch a new information and solution portal for middle market business owners and their trusted advisors. Six Feet Up assisted Chicago-based Information Technology consulting company SPR Inc. on the project, providing design and development services. The new ACW website features ready access to information services, software, professional education, and experienced experts. Six Feet Up created a visually appealing and extremely functional interface to the Plone 2.1.1 Content Management System driving the website. In addition, Six Feet Up provided assistance with the development of the many portlets featuring dynamically pulled content throughout the site. Last, Six Feet Up developed a custom discussion board tool allowing to track the popularity of each post.
The Inner Circle of Advocates (United States)
The Inner Circle of Advocates had been using a password-protected message board on their private intranet to allow their members to easily communicate with each other and share thoughts and ideas on various legal issues. Powered by Plone 2.0, the message board quickly became a critical communication tool for the organization, and grew extremely slow as a result of the content increase. Six Feet Up audited the system in place and identified several issues, one being that Plone 2.0 used an inefficient way of getting items in a folder. To make things worse, the intranet was saving data into multiple catalogs in an attempt to provide various sections with their own catalog. This created code inefficiencies as well as upgrading issues. Six Feet Up then proposed and carried out a three-part action plan: first, fix and optimize the existing code; second, migrate the system to Plone 2.5; and third, move the intranet to its own dedicated server. The results of these efforts paid off and the Inner Circle members are now enjoying a much faster and more reliable access to their message board.
Trinity School (United States)
A Menlo Park, Calif., private school, Trinity School was in need of a new online identity that would align with their existing print brochures and marketing collaterals. They especially were looking to "strike a balance between stodgy and whimsical in the look and feel of the site". Six Feet Up studied the existing materials and created a new web design for Trinity School that showcases the school's positioning and balances it out with a variety of colorful pictures. Next Six Feet Up helped Trinity School organize the content on their site by grouping it in appropriate categories and simplifying the site map. Trinity School wanted to delegate content contribution to its administrative and teaching staff. Six Feet Up implemented the new site using the open source Plone Content Management System and set up roles and permissions for content contributors. A couple templates were customized to allow Trinity Staff to easily integrate pictures on the pages and dynamically feature photos on the home page. The base page template especially makes it easy to drop short articles at the bottom of the main text area and feature related sniplets of information. The right column can display up to three framed pictures chosen from a pool of pictures inside each main section of the site. A password-protected News area was added to the site to share information with parents on upcoming school activities, recent reports, and other sensitive information. Last, Six Feet Up implemented extended calendar functionalities to allow the School to manage access to event details by controlling what information is displayed to the public and what requires teachers, parents and students to log in.
University of Virginia Health System (United States)
The University of Virginia Health System launched “Live Red”, an online resource designed to increase awareness among women of the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease. Six Feet Up created the site using Plone 3 Content Management System. Live Red features recipes and articles on nutrition, fitness and research findings to support and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. The site includes “Club Red,” the community space where members can post comments on articles, write recipe reviews and share tips for improving heart health with other members. The project was carried out and completed by Six Feet Up in less than a month utilizing many out-of-the box functionalities that come with Plone 3. Six Feet Up also hosts the site.
VanCoe Environmental (United States)
Indiana-based VanCoe knew they had to be able to quickly update their website as they refined their service offering. They also wanted to be able to easily feature pilot projects and existing customers for credibility purposes. Six Feet Up set up a dynamic website powered by the open source Plone Content Management System (version 2.1), and customized the default skin to give VanCoe an affordable look in line with their positioning. Along with describing the company's various solutions, the website provides information on recent projects and presents the partnerships in place. Thanks to the live edit features provided by the Kupu text editor, the small VanCoe team is able to easily manage their online content and revise their site as their company evolves.

Disclaimer: While the Plone Foundation performs a rudimentary background check on the content contributed to this site to make sure it is legitimate, it does not constitute any kind of endorsement nor responsibility for its accuracy. Use sound judgement when engaging in any business transaction, as you would anywhere else.