PretaWeb specialises in the provision and support of high availability, scalable, CMS dedicated and cloud solutions built with Plone open source technology.
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We’ve been servicing corporations, government and non-profit organisations since 2004. With a proven track record, PretaWeb has successfully implemented and support numerous major IT deployments such as shared (cloud) web services, high availability emergency services websites, multi-national intranets and super-agency government portals. 

Deployed Sites

Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (Australia)
The Pan Pacific Safe Community Network (PPSCN) has been established by representatives from four countries (New Zealand, United States of America, Australia and Canada) that have for the past 20 years or more been involved in the International Safe Communities Network (ISCN) as well as local Safe Community networks as Designated Safe Communities, Affiliate or Certifying Centres.
Safe Communities New Zealand (New Zealand)
SCFNZ is a Certifying Centre and Affiliate Support Centre of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion.
Simmonds Lumber (Australia)
The Simmonds Lumber Group sells a wide range of timber products for the domestic housing industry, commercial construction, home renovations, and industrial markets.
Womens Refuge (Australia)
NSW Women's refuge movement provides services for victims of domestic violence in New South Wales.

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