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Pilot Systems: Integrating Open Source solutions in Zope and Plone since 1999.
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CMP-Banque online banking (France)
One of France's oldest and most respectable banks and auction houses. Its online banking site offers services to customers, including online transactions, account lookup, SMS alarms, etc. ...
ENA - Entrance examination subscription website (France)
ENA is a French National Graduate school preparing students to become high-ranking civil servants. The Plone subscription website allows students to pass an oral exam in order to integrate the school. ENA uses a Plone intranet realized and hosted by Pilot Systems.
Financiere Cambon (France)
Financiere Cambon is a specialist for M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and other . It supports its clients in carrying out equity transactions - sale of subsidiaries, sale of independent companies, sale of holdings, raising capital - and offers comprehensive services: consulting, process handling, applicant selection, negotiations. Based on Plone, the corporate website informs about their services, staff, references and careers offers. Intranet supports internal operations.
Foncier et Developpement (France)
Dealing with land tenure issues in developing countries, this portal provides access to resources about the stakes behind land tenure, land dynamics, policies and land and natural resource management interventions. It is partly managed by GRET (Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques - Research and Technologies Exchange Group).
Guide CMS (Canada)
The widest data base referential for CMS (Content Management Systems) or, what the French-speaking people call, the PGC (Progiciels de Gestion de Contenu). Here, you will find the best information with regards to the large majority of the CMS Open Source, and their tools, found throughout the Web.
NPAI (France)
NPAI stands for: "N'habite Plus à l'Adresse Indiquée". You send something somewhere, sometimes you don't reach your destination. Snail mail or emails, files over FTP or Plone form submit, you never know. NPAI deals with this paradigm, with solutions adressing many issues : certification of electronic exchanges, digital data acquisition, multi-chanel publication, subscribers management, etc.
Objectis (France)
Objectis is a free service delivered by Pilot Systems that permit everyone to manage his own Zope and Plone applications. This service is for everyone from beginner to Plone CMS professional. Near 17,000 sites were created by Objectis and this number is increasing every month. Objectis relies upon an automated Zope, Plone, Apache and DNS management system.
Sofema Group (France)
Sofema Group is an international group providing services in the fields of Defence and Security. Sofema Group offers high-value-added global solutions through its poles of Consulting (Defence, Civil Aviation, Energy and Environment), Supply Chain and Safety-Security. This site is powered by Plone and Zope and offers informations about Sofema like news, offers or ethics chart.

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