Kaivo provides world class technology solutions, training and consultancy services to government, non-profit and corporate clients using development platforms, infrastructure tools and business intelligence derived from the Open Source community.
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By using Open Source software, we are able to produce sophisticated web sites, intranet systems, and browser-based applications for a fraction of the cost associated with larger development platforms and proprietary software packages. Our small, expert staff is proficient in all areas of web design and development, including graphic design, information architecture, and application design, development and integration.

Our engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of programming languages, scripting environments and database platforms, so we can help you choose a platform that is both low-cost and easily-maintainable by your own organization. We are nationally recognized experts in the Open Source content management platform Zope and the Plone content management framework.

Deployed Sites

Southwestern Law School (United States)
The only law school with four courses of study leading to the J.D. degree, Southwestern University School of Law offers traditional full-time and part-time programs as well as a unique two-year alternative curriculum. Plone powers their main website.

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