Afterfive Technologies

Afterfive is a solutions provider based in Davao City, Philippines. It offers services such as the design and integration of local and wide area networks, configuration of network services (firewall, email, voip, thin clients, etc. ), software programming, and web development specializing in Plone. Afterfive also conducts trainings on various Free/ Open Source Software for end users and developers.

Deployed Sites

DabaweGNU, Inc. (Philippines)
DabaweGNU, Inc., is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on December 5, 2003. Its primary aim is to provide its members a venue for technical growth in "Free/Open Source Software" (FOSS) technologies and to advocate the use of this technology to the rest of the community.
ICT Davao Inc. (Philippines)
ICT Davao Incorporated, also known as ICT Davao and IDI, is the umbrella organization of all information and communication technology groups hosted by Davao City. Like many multi-stakeholder organizations, ICT Davao has evolved a history of its own. With the assistance of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the ICT Council of Davao was born in 2002 to champion the needs of the industry. It adopted its new name ICT Davao in 2006 and has revitalized its membership which now includes the ICT educational and technical training institutions, the sub-sector association of various IT-enabled and BPO services such as contact centers, transcription providers, FOSS users, IT software and hardware vendors, i-Café operators and inventors. (Philippines)
PAHRODF helps build the foundation of good governance in the selected organisations in the Philippines. PAHRODF does this by addressing the human resource and organisational development issues of partner organisations, making them more capable of delivering services and effecting positive changes in the country.

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