Affinitic is a Belgian company involved in the Plone and Python community, participating in the national Plone meetings, Plone sprints, PloneGov sprint and Afpy meetings.
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Affinitic was created in August 2006 with the idea of joining together independent skilled developers and manager around interesting projects.

The company is mostly active in Content Management (Plone), Web based application (Zope).

Our combination of expertise encompasses project analysis, core developments, server management, training, graphical design and graphical integration.

Affinitic is for training and sharing its knowledge in universities, training centers and end users companies.

Affinitic is involved in the Plone and Python community, participating in the national Plone meetings, Plone conferencesPlone sprints, PloneGov sprint.

Affinitic is a ZEA partner and is one of the founder of Afpy (French speaking Python association).


Members team :

  • Gilles Bertrand
  • François Bruynbroeck
  • Michel Cervello
  • Laurent Lasudry
  • Alain Meurant
  • Martin Peeters
  • Jean-François Roche (Plone foundation member)
  • Gillian Sampont

Deployed Sites

APEF (Belgium)
Equal association for employment and the formation gathers the organizations of employers and workers sitting in the funds of safety of existence (16) of the sector noncommercial French-speaking person and German-speaking, in order to coordinate and to amplify their actions, in particular in the creation and/or training area of jobs.
Gites de Wallonie (Belgium)
Gîtes de Wallonie, it is the guarantee of a successful holiday that never fails to combine quality with a warm welcome.
Peer Review Social Inclusion (Belgium)
The Peer Review in Social Protection and Social Inclusion and Assessment in Social Inclusion sub-programmes have been created to boost cooperation in modernising social protection and in combating poverty and social exclusion in the European Union.
ZEA partners (Belgium)
Zea Partners (Zea) is a non-profit network for companies building open source solutions. Stakeholders from the open source world are welcome. Zea activities are focused on growing the open source market by pooling resources for promotion, research and advocacy.

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