acsr industrialdesign

acsr delivers design and innovative functionality for products and publications. acsr integrates most of the current bandwidth of media- and industry-technology into the environment marketing, manufacturing and enterprise-communications. The network of the partners associated with acsr delivers solutions tailored precisely to the needs and budgets of the customer.
acsr industrialdesign
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Location Germany

The process of making good design is teamwork.

Organisations, which support the conceptual and creative design process and are playing an active part in it, have an option on success.

Not every Organisation is willing and capable of investing his whole own resources for design and communication with the amount that is necessary to beat competitors in the market.

The members of the acsr group fit into your organisations workflow and enrich your competence with fresh influence. Take advantage of the cross-project integration of our group-partners. Borderless exchange with excellent and effective interfaces gives fast access to additional possibilities and innovative potential.

acsr is located in the center of Germany between Bonn and Cologne.

acsr industrialdesign
Armin Stroß-Radschinski
Landgrafenstraße 32
53842 Troisdorf

phone: +49 2241 946994
fax: +49 2241 946996

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