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ACII and ACII IP were created by information technology professionals. ACII is a specialist of Business to Employee and Content Management System Development based on Zope / Plone / CPS / Typo3 / LifeRay & Alfresco.

Deployed Sites

Centre Hospitalier de Fougères (France)
Institutional site of the hospital " FRANCE - Fougères (35)". The management of the contents is decentralized on the levels of the services of hospital.
FIMEM (France)
Co-operative portal of the International Federation of the movements of the Modern School
ICEM (France)
ICEM, the Co-operative Institute of the Modern School Freinet pedagogy is a teaching movement of research, innovation and diffusion of Freinet pedagogy in France. ACII created the portal "Toil' ICEM" on the Open Source platform Zope and Plone. This portal is the place of exchange between the teaching movement and: (a) the general public by providing information, documentation and by syndication of the contents of already existing external sites. (b) The Freinet community, via a restricted workspace Intranet having 2 orientations: diffusion in line of documents and the edition paper. (c) Students, via virtual classes of co-operation, closed to the public.
Intranet DRSM - CRAM PdL (France)
Intranet Direction Régionale des Services Médicaux de la Caisse Régionale d'assurance Maladie des travailleurs Salariés des Pays de la Loire.
PASED to SIT Prefecture of the CHARENTE-MARITMES (France)
The modul PASED (Strategic plan of the state in the department ) allows the management and the follow-up decentralized of the actions to the plan
SIT Prefecture of the CANTAL (France)
Territorial information system of the prefecture of the Cantal

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