4teamwork is a full service provider for Plone located in Berne, Switzerland. 4teamwork hosted the first Plone Sprint ever in February 2003 and provides professional Plone services for development, hosting, maintenance, education, and coaching.
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Deployed Sites

Amnesty International Switzerland (Switzerland)
Amnesty International is a Nobel Prize-winning grassroots activist organization which undertakes research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of human rights around the world. Since July 2006, Amnesty International Switzerland has used Plone for its multilingual (German, French, Italian, and English) website. It is based on the free add-on product BernArticle, and the sophisticated shop solution is a further development of PloneMall.
Berne, Switzerland (Switzerland)
The city of Berne, Switzerland powers its primary website with Plone.
Canton of Zug (Switzerland)
Web presence of the canton of Zug, Switzerland. This site was launched in January 2008 and is based on Plone 3. More than 100 authors add and edit content on the site. Next to a shop solution, the site contains a personalized member area for more than 2000 registered users. In summer 2010, the site contained more than 70'000 content objects. The site was updated to Plone 4.3 in June 2013.
Dr. Röthlisberger AG (Switzerland)
Web site of a trust and accounting firm in Switzerland. The site is based on Plone 2.5.x and uses BernArticle.
Ferrari Owners' Club of Switzerland (Switzerland)
This is the web presence of the only Ferrari club in Switzerland which is officially accepted and supported by Ferrari Italy. As Switzerland has by far the highest „Ferrari per capita“ ratio of all countries, this site helps to organize group activities of the many Ferrari owners in Switzerland. The site has a public and a protected area which is only available to logged-in members. The different regional groups can organize and plan local events individually in the member area.
Grimselwelt (Switzerland)
KWO Power Company is situated in the Swiss Alps (Grimsel) and produces enough hydroelectricity in its nine powerplants for 1 million people. The website Grimselwelt (Grimselworld) offers numerous touristic attractions and experiences in this area, like skiing, or wandering. The site uses BernArticle and LinguaPlone. It is bilingual, German and English, and contains some flash content.
International Cooperation and Development Policy (Switzerland)
One of the major Swiss websites dealing with international cooperation and development policy. About 40 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) feed this site with their news and background information. This multilingual site is based on Plone 3, uses hierarchical topics (so-called classification items) to classify content added by the listed NGOs. Visitors can browse the content using the metadata tree-widget. All matching articles to selected topics are listed using AJAX technology, allowing for simple yet powerful browsing of the site's content.
Medicus Mundi International (Switzerland)
Medicus Mundi International is a Network of organisations working in the field of international health cooperation and advocacy. The site was developed using Plone 3.
Retriever Club Switzerland (Switzerland)
RCS is the Swiss club of all retriever dog breeds. It is officially acknowledged by the FCI (Fédération Canine Internationale). This site uses the Plone products BernArticle and LinguaPlone. All content is available in two languages, German and French. In order to access member information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.), which is stored in a MySQL database, a new content type BernMySQLBlock was developed. This block displays the result of an SQL query within a BernArticle page.
Skat (Switzerland)
Skat is an independent Swiss organisation working in the fields of development and humanitarian aid.
Stiftung Terra Vecchia (Switzerland)
The Swiss foundation Terra Vecchia wants to help young people and adults who are experiencing personal problems. It is non-profit oriented and was established in 1973. The new website is based on Plone 3.1 and went online in October 2008. Before the relaunch, the previous website was realized using Plone 2.0.5 (online since August 2005).
eHERMES (Switzerland)
The HERMES project management method is used to manage, develop and execute projects in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and was developed by the Swiss federal administration. The website offers a lot of information regarding this project management method and contains a list of best practices. New best practices can be submitted to the HERMES group on the site. This Plone site deploys BernArticle and LinguaPlone. The content is available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English). Also, the website follows the federal guidelines for usability (AA) and graphical design.
eduBS (Switzerland)
eduBS Project - It is a Plone skinning product which is based on BernArticle. It includes an auto-setup for simple creation of further eduBS sites. It uses LDAP for authentication and group management. The admin of each eduBS site can define the color-scheme and the banners themeself, among many other settings. Currently, the product is being used by approx. 40 schools in the canton of Basel. Each school maintains its own plone site with eduBS products installed.
finderpoint.ch (Switzerland)
Finderpoint is a Swiss search portal for people looking for public services and tipps in a wide range of topics. It uses BernArticle and offers advanced search options using simplified geo-information.

Disclaimer: While the Plone Foundation performs a rudimentary background check on the content contributed to this site to make sure it is legitimate, it does not constitute any kind of endorsement nor responsibility for its accuracy. Use sound judgement when engaging in any business transaction, as you would anywhere else.