Support options for Plone - v2

Plone has several mailing lists where you can ask questions, discuss Plone in general, and get useful tips on approaching specific problems you might have. We also have online chat rooms for live Plone support.
  • Commercial support


    Plone is a free, open source product, and has hundreds of companies around the world supporting it. If you are looking for commercial support in your country, consult the list of Plone service providers at

  • Local User Groups


    Want to connect with people locally who use Plone? Do you run a local Plone user group that you want people to know about? Check out the list of Local User groups.

  • Training


    If you want to get better at Plone, quickly, there's no better way than attending a Plone training course. People are doing Plone training all over the world, and upcoming training events are listed at the training page.

  • Reporting bugs


    If you find a bug in Plone itself (as opposed to an add-on product you downloaded), please file a Plone bug report. Bug reports for individual add-on products should be filed with the authors of that product — contact details and/or bug trackers are usually provided on the relevant product download page.