Plone 5: Built with Passion

With mighty new tools and easy extensibility, Plone 5 gives you the power to build great websites and intranets. Designer-friendly and multilingual ready, you can reach out to all audiences on all devices.

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Under the Hood

Sophisticated workflows, an integrated API and rapid prototyping mean site administrators and developers have more power than ever — all backed by robust security.

With support for LESS and modern JavaScript methods, you have full control over the visual look while maintaining optimal accessibility.

Plone Powered

Large enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, universities and governments around the world have chosen Plone for their websites and intranets. When security, scalability, accessibility and approachability count —
Plone delivers.

We're proud to power websites for Amnesty International, the Mountaineers, the F.B.I., the Rio 2016 Olympics, Penn State University, University of Leuven & St. Pölten Media College, the Free Software Foundation and thousands of others.

Plone in a Nutshell

  • Plone is the premier Python-based CMS.

    Actively developed since 2000, it's available in 40+ languages and supported by a passionate worldwide community dedicated to quality.
    With an excellent security track record, sophisticated workflows and enterprise integration, it scales from local organizations to global corporations. Plone is owned by the Plone Foundation, a not-for-profit organization.

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