T. Kim Nguyen (tkimnguyen)

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA


Project manager at wildcardcorp.com. Member of: Plone Foundation Board (2014-), Communication/Marketing (team lead), Membership Committee, Headless CMS Plone.io, Plone.com launch, Plone.org relaunch, Plone 5 Launch, Security Team; organizer of Plone events, mentor for Google Summer of Code 2017.

Events/Sprints Attended

Plone Conference 2018 (Tokyo)
Plone Conference 2017 (Barcelona, organizer)
Plone Open Garden 2017 (Sorrento, organizer)
Plone Conference 2016 (Boston, organizer)
Plone Conference 2015 (Bucharest)
Plone Open Garden 2015 (Sorrento)
Plone Conference 2014 (Bristol)
Plone Symposium Midwest 2014 (Oshkosh, organizer)
Plone Symposium Midwest 2013 (Oshkosh, organizer)
Plone Symposium East 2012 (Penn State)
Plone Conference 2011 (San Francisco)
Plone Symposium East 2011 (Penn State)
Plone Symposium East 2010 (Penn State)
Plone Symposium East 2009 (Penn State)
Plone Conference 2008 (Washington, DC)