#250 — Can't manage portlets on Poi Issue Trackers

State Resolved
Version: 2.0.1
Area Functionality
Issue type Patch
Severity Medium
Submitted by David Beitey
Submitted on Mar 14, 2011
Responsible Maurits van Rees
Target release:
Testing Plone 4.0.4 and Poi 2.0.1.

At present, Poi issue trackers can't have portlets assigned or controlled. For instance, PoiIssue content automatically receives portlet assignments from parent folders, and one may wish to disable these portlets in the context of the issue tracker. Currently, this is not possible.

Adding this to Poi's configure.zcml allows portlet management:

<class class=".content.PoiTracker.PoiTracker">

As for the 'Manage Portlets' fallback link, it doesn't appear for the issue tracker, as the PoiTracker content type doesn't provide the Products.ATContentTypes.interface.IATContentType interface, required by the viewlet:


Providing this interface in the same method above works, but probably isn't best practice.
Added by Maurits van Rees on Sep 06, 2011 09:57 PM
Issue state: UnconfirmedResolved
Responsible manager: (UNASSIGNED)maurits
Makes sense. I have added the ILocalPortletAssignable interface to both trackers and issues in r244223.

I don't see that the viewlet requires the IATContentType interface though. On Plone 4.0.9 with plone.app.layout 2.0.11 I simply see that viewlet registered for ILocalPortletAssignable. This may have been changed recently for compatibility with dexterity. With the above change I see the link just fine.

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