#154 — E-mail notification does not use site_properties/email_from_name

State Resolved
Area Functionality
Issue type Bug
Severity Medium
Submitted by Justin Ryan
Submitted on Nov 29, 2007
Responsible Maurits van Rees
Target release: 1.1
This occurs on all versions of Poi that I know of, including svn trunk on Plone 3.0.

E-mail notifications from Poi use the site's administrator address, but do not use the site's configured e-mail "from" name, which is less than informative, and relatively easy to remedy.

I have patch somewhere for this, but for lack of it being at hand, decided that reporting the problem would be best.
Steps to reproduce:
Use Poi
Have e-mail notifications sent
notice lack of 'from' name
this happens on plone.org as well. :)
Added by Maurits van Rees on Nov 29, 2007 11:10 PM
Issue state: unconfirmedresolved
Target release: None1.1
Responsible manager: (UNASSIGNED)maurits
Good point, Justin.

Fixed in r54707.

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