Plumi 4.4-final (Jul 26, 2012)

A final stable version of Plumi 4.4 was released today. This version updates Plumi to Plone 4.2. Changes include deployment as a WSGI app and asynchronous execution of jobs via, separating the video uploading process from the database, which should mean stability improvements in the uploading system. The load balancer has been removed, buildouts have been simplified, and the beta also includes a new publish form with a video file upload progress indicator, a big step forward in terms of usability. 4.4-final includes some changes after the beta to the transcoder, the new video publish form, and fixing bugs with playback on the iPhone and iPad (playback now works very well in the latest iOS).

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Available downloads

Plumi 4.4-final package

For Linux/BSD/Unix (97 kB)

Change log

See the changelog here:


Change history

4.4 (2012-07-26) []

  • deploy as a WSGI app using gunicorn, drop haproxy load balancing [dimo, mgogoulos, cpsaltis]
  • new publish form with progress indicator [dimo, mgogoulos, clopy, cpsaltis]
  • execute jobs asynchronously using [dimo, mgogoulos]
  • update to Plone 4.2 [mgogoulos]
  • use pcre-source for nginx and compiled pcre for varnish build [dimo]
  • drop dependency on collective.seeder [mgogoulos, dimo]
  • add to buildout eggs [dimo]
  • remove debug instance [dimo]
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