Plumi 4.1-RC1 (Release candidate) (Feb 15, 2011)

This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.

A release candidate of Plumi 4.1. Including new BitTorrent video-sharing support, high/low resolution video playback, video-analytics and template improvements, available here for download and testing:

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Available downloads

For Linux/BSD/Unix (0 KB)

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 4
State Release candidate
License GPL
Release Manager EngageMedia/Unweb
  • use multiple threads on mp4 transcoding
  • cross browser compatible video play and download count support using collective.piwik.flowplayer
  • remove stale rtorrent entry
  • upgrade step to create torrents for existing videos
  • add an exception to varnish for m4v files

A full list of closed tickets can be found here.

Code repository is at

Beta Announcement with further details