Plumi 4.0-final (Jan 21, 2011)

Plumi 4.0 is a major new version of the video-sharing web-app based on Plone 4. This is a final stable release is production-ready package of Plone products and customisations that enable you to create your own video sharing site and community, out of the box.

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Available downloads

Plumi 4.0 Final package

For Linux/BSD/Unix (83 KB)

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 4
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager EngageMedia/Unweb
Released 2011/01/17 00:00:00 UTC

We are very pleased to announce the release of the final stable version Plumi 4.0 based on the latest Plone 4.0.

The Plumi 4.0 Final package can be found on PyPI here:

This version includes bug fixes and improvements to ensure a stable release primarily focused on rebasing Plumi on Plone 4, in addition to other improvements and re-factoring of Plumi including new production and development buildouts located inside the egg, updating the caching system, cleanup of installation code and moving parts to GenericSetup, replacing older products with newer and better maintained products or removing dependencies and other improvements. FFmpeg and codecs required by the transcoding framework are also now included in the buildout which means a simpler installation process.

This version is stable and production-ready, but send us any bugs you may find by lodging them as a ticket here:

This is a major step forward for the Plumi project, which includes all the improvements available inside Plone 4. Plone 4 is faster and easier to use than ever, you can read all about it here:

This release has been produced by Unweb ( in conjunction with EngageMedia (

Change log

Recent changes for the final release include:

  • fix authorlisting error if a user doesn't have a member folder [clopy]
  • remove duplicate icons for news and events [clopy]
  • fix login form allignment issue on safari [clopy]
  • update personalize form for plone 4 [clopy]
  • restored category and country information on video listings [clopy]
  • removed homepages field for the final release [clopy]

A full list of tickets closed for this release can be found here on the Plumi development tracker: