Plumi 0.2.2-final (Nov 11, 2008)

This is an minor update to the second official stable release of Plumi focusing on user side enhancements. Plumi is an out-of-the-box content management system for video sharing and community creation.

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager andycat

Plumi 0.2.2 adds the following improvements

  • a flash player is now available on the front page as part of the "feature videos" section
  • the thumbnail submitted with the video now overlays the flash player as the splash image
  • an animated progress bar indicates a video is uploading on step 3 of the submission form. Note the progress bar is merely an animated GIF at this point and does not communicate with the server.
  • a URL field and new default categories are added to the "call outs" content item
  • Transmission metadata standard draft 1.0 is now ready, providing the appropriate atom feed - read more about the TX metadata standard
  • news and event items are now automatically placed in the pending state when submitted for publication
  • the country a video item is tagged as being from is now displayed on the front page and in the video listings
  • the re-transcode message on the video view template is now available only to managers


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Change log

0.2.2-final (Melbourne) - 11th November 2008

    UPDATES FROM PLUMI 0.2-final

    PlumiSkin skin product 
        Adds flow player inline on front page, for featured videos.

        Adds an animated, fake "progress" bar (animated GIF) and text explanantions to step 3 of upload form. 
        It is designed in mind of users uploading large video files.
        Other bugfixes (see below for details)

    ATVideo product.
        Updates to Call Out type, adds URL field, and more default categories.

        Implementation of transmission metadata standard draft 1.0 Atom-based feed. (see below for details)

        Bugfix on syndication views (RSS and RSS2)  (see below for details)

    Indytube transcoding library bugfixes and updates.
        loading conf file fixes -
    ATVocabularyManager version updated to 1.4 final, ExternalStorage SVN url changed.

    New SVN branches created for plumi-0.2.x maintenance work:
        Plumi product bundle project branch: 

        The current maintenance branches for plumi-0.2.x Plumi products are:
        ATVideo branch:
        ATMediaFile branch:
        PlumiSkin branch:
        indytube branch:

 0.2. rc5 (Melbourne) - 3rd November 2008
    Minor indytube bugfix

    CSS layout fixes for PlumiSKin

    More work for cross-browser issues on animated 'progress' bar

0.2.2 rc3,rc4 (Melbourne) - 2nd November 2008
    Bugfix for install process of new javascript file/animated progress bar on uploadform.

    Fix default view of call outs

0.2.2 rc2 (Melbourne) - 31st October 2008

    Updated 'transmission.xml' feeds to conform to latest Transmission 1.0 metadata draft standard :    

    Callouts content type has new URL field, and new default categories added.

    Display of the embedded flash player has changed - it is assumed indytube does not include the 'embed this player' code anymore,
    and inside we autogenerate it. 
    As such it is always up to date, with the current code used inside the template.

    Animated (fake) progress bar on upload

    Flash player on front page, for featured video
    Events / News now go into same state (pending) automatically after they have been created, like videos

0.2.2 rc1 (Melbourne) - 21st October 2008

    User interface enhancement release.
    associated UI tickets:

    Renamed branches for ATVideo/Plumi/indytube to the more generic 'plumi-0.2.x' branch name


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