Plumi 0.1-final (Sep 18, 2007)

This confirms the Plumi 0.1 release as stable

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Plumi release 0.1-final

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5
State Final release
License GPL
Released 2007/09/18 00:00:00 Universal

On top of the out-of-the-box Plone functionality Plumi adds the following features

  • Upload video in any format (over http)
  • Custom templates for browsing videos
  • Expended video metadata set
  • Classifications system into country, genre and topic using ATCountry Widget and ATVocabulary Manager
  • Tagging using TagCloudExplorer
  • RSS feeds with media enclosures (or "vodcasts") created automatically based on taxonomy items - eg country, genre, member, topic or through creating custom smart folders using qRSS2Syndication
  • Playback of Quicktime, Flash video, Real and Windows Media within the browser using VPIP
  • Automatic server-side flash transcoding and embedded playback using Indytube
  • Custom profile page for site members
  • Content Licensing including Creative Commons licensing (through their API), the GNU Free Documentation License or you can add custom licenses or use traditional Copyright
  • automatic creation and seeding of BitTorrent files upon video upload


Change log

0.1 Final (Melbourne) - 18th September 2007
    Marked as 0.1 final release

    New version of TagCloudExplorer - 1.1
    New version of PlumiSkin, compatiable with TagCloudExplorer - 1.1

    Minor changes to Plumi project

0.1 rc 2 (Barcelona) - 30th August 2007

    Fixes tickets - ,

0.1 rc 1 (Brighton) - 10th July 2007

    Inital release.