PloneFormMailer 0.3RC1 (Release candidate) (Dec 17, 2005)


This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.

Small set of bugfixes after 0.3 beta 1. (Especially workflow transition guards).

For additional information about this project, please visit the overview page .

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Change log

2005-12-17 Reinout van Rees <>

* Added workflow transition guards (members could change
the workflow state with immunity...).

* Relocated bundle from 'bundles' to 'bundles/distribution'.

* Added latest Formulator bugfix release to the bundle.

* 0.3 RC1 release.

2005-12-02 Zegor

* Updated French translations.

* Added proxy role manager for formmailer_send.cpy.metadata.
(Might be dangerous, didn't get an answer on IRC from someone
"in the know" yet [Reinout]).