#9: Improve visibilty & manageability of forum RSS feeds

  1. Motivation
  2. Proposal
  3. Implementation

Ploneboard supports RSS feeds of forum & conversation contents, but doesn't clearly signal this in the user interface. Also, it appears that syndication has to be individually enabled for each forum & conversation.

Proposed by
Jon Stahl, ONE/Northwest
Seconded by
Marshall Mayer, LiveModern.com
Proposal type
User interface


RSS syndication of forum contents helps draw forum visitors back to the site, making for active, lively forums.

Ploneboard already leverages Plone's built-in syndication tools to syndicate forum content. However, the Ploneboard UI does not appear to show an "RSS" button when syndication is turned on. This makes it difficult for users to discover that an RSS feed is available for the forum.

Requiring forum administrators to turn on syndication individually for each forum or conversation seems like it will generate a lot of unnecessary work and be a disincentive to comprhensive syndication. We believe that most Ploneboard admins will want to have a default for their Ploneboard install, and perhaps make individual exceptions on a forum or conversation basis.


  • Expose the RSS button in the UI when syndication is enabled, both in forum and conversation views.
  • Make syndication settings inheritable from parent folders so that turning on syndication for a Ploneboard or forum automatically enables syndication for forums or conversations.


Exposing the syndication button may be just a matter of including "documentActions" in the Ploneboard view templates.