Plone 4.3.1 (Jun 25, 2013)

Bugfix release for Plone 4.3

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Change log

plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.10 → 4.2.11

  • Fixed check for empty custom_access_event_log and custom_event_log. [alecghica]

plone.recipe.zeoserver: 1.2.4 → 1.2.5

  • Nothing changed yet.

Plone: 4.3 → 4.3.1

  • Release Plone 4.3.1 [esteele]

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.12 → 2.1.13

  • Fixed : add menu doesn't appear for a user that can't add on folder's parent if this folder have a different content type. refs [thomasdesvenain]

Products.Archetypes: 1.8.7 → 1.9.1

  • Fix computed widget, use getParentNode to get the parent object instead of aq_parent, like in (avoid Unauthorized error) [jfroche]
  • Unmark creation_flag after object rename so we still know that the object is in the creation process in sub methods around the renaming functionnality (setId calls manage_beforeDelete, 'onDelete' event, ...) [gbastien]

Products.CMFDiffTool: 2.0.2 → 2.1

  • Nothing changed yet.

Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI: 4.0.4 → 4.0.5

  • Add i18n translation domain to the zcml to remove UserWarning.

Products.CMFPlone: 4.3 → 4.3.1

  • Some text/* mime types should be Files, not Documents. [rpatterson]
  • Remove reference to unimplemented 'make_private' transition in simple_publication_workflow. [danjacka]
  • Fail nicely when pasting a deleted item ( [khink]
  • Add a 'max_tabs' option to form-tabbing.js to allow changes to the number of tabs displayed before the script uses a dropdown instead. [esteele]
  • register search_rss only for site root [vangheem]
  • jquery-integration.js gets disabled during the upgrade to Plone 4.3. Make sure we do so for new sites as well. [esteele]
  • Fix commas in kss-bbb.js since IE7/8 is sensative [vangheem]
  • Reenable forgotten tests [kiorky]
  • Fail nicely when userid is not provided to mail_password script. [esteele]
  • Do not display text file content if it is empty. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Add distinct classes for live search links. Add id for image details. [cedricmessiant]
  • update registerPloneFunction call in login.js (depreacted) [toutpt]

Products.PasswordResetTool: 2.0.13 → 2.0.14

  • Always try to look up what the user entered as a login name before treating it as a user id. [davisagli]
  • Make sure password reset form action url is based on the reset tool and not the "passwordreset" python script. Fixes issue where the "passwordreset" was executed before the pwreset_form action handler was traversed to and caused an error before the reset request could even be attempted. [vangheem]

Products.PloneTestCase: 0.9.16 → 0.9.17

  • Install conditionally and only for Plone 4.4 and up. [thet]

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.2.7 → 2.2.9

  • Allow users to add resources starting with '//', the proper way to link to external resources when serving over http and https. This makes it much easier to manage content on CDNs. [eleddy]
  • Avoid recursive call of _migrateCookedResouces method in BaseTool which prevented the old concatenated resource storage from beeing migrated. The problem emerged when migrating from Plone 4.2 to 4.3. [thet]

Products.TinyMCE: 1.3.3 → 1.3.4

  • Don't rely on jquery-integration.js being active. [esteele]
  • Add default translation for you_are_here label. Previously, this label was displayed verbatim for English and other languages without a translation. [davidjb]
  • use unicode to return the result of compressor view. This fixes UnicodeDecodeError reported on [ericof]
  • remove patterns things and only add pat-tinymce class [garbas]
  • Added some missing Brazilian Portuguese translations [ericof]
  • Added some missing Dutch translations [maartenkling]

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.17 → 2.4.18

  • Added two widget properties that allow to add help messages on popup, in two slots (top and bottom). [thomasdesvenain]
  • Added css ids in popup. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Wrap jQuery functions for better compatibility. [esteele] 1.1.3 → 1.1.4

  • Fixed purge paths for virtual hosting scenarios using virtual path components. [dokai] 1.0.9 → 1.0.10

  • Fix tabular view to show append /view onto files and images [vangheem] 2.1.1 → 2.1.2

  • PEP8 cleanup. [timo]
  • Added missing i18n markup to [jianaijun] 3.0.1 → 3.0.3

  • Any event can use the tales condition [thomasdesvenain]
  • Remove handler for 'User removed' event [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fix for Plone 4.3: fixed enable back content rules after having disabled it. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Import step depends on workflow step so that rules can manage specific transitions / states of profile. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Add stub nextURL method to to prevent security WARNING message on startup: "Init Class has a security declaration for nonexistent method 'nextURL'" [smcmahon]
  • Content rules can handle user events [Julien Marinescu, kiorky]
  • Any event can use the email handler [Julien Marinescu, kiorky] 2.3.4 → 2.3.6

  • Fix get_display_pub_date_in_byline when upgrading your site, refs [maartenkling]
  • Do not assume roles managed through the control panel include Manager. [danjacka] 2.0.7 → 2.0.8

  • Add XML Model Editor based on plone.resourceditor. If plone.resourceditor is available, this is exposed by an "Edit XML Field Model" button on the fields tab of a content type -- if the content type is editable TTW. [smcmahon]
  • Added catalan translations [sneridagh] 2.2.5 → 2.2.6

  • Fix migration to not fail when member has been deleted. [datakurre] 1.0.7 → 1.0.9 2.3.4 → 2.3.5

  • Fixed AttributeError for FilesystemResourceDirectory See [kroman0]
  • Check appropriate permission for 'Revert to this revision' button. [danjacka] 1.5.1 → 1.5.2

  • Exceptions now return the repr() and not the str() of the object. This way we avoid, for File content types, loading the whole object data into memory. This closes [ericof] 4.3 → 4.3.1

  • Update Dutch translations [maartenkling]
  • Update Traditional Chinese translations [marr] 2.4.3 → 2.4.4

  • Don't require a macro for classic portlets - rendering a browser view doesn't need one. [danjacka] 1.2a1 → 1.2

  • Support redirecting to external URLs. [rpatterson] 1.2.2 → 1.2.3 1.1.3 → 1.1.4

  • Use id if object has no title, this is how folder_listing and others behave. [rpatterson] 1.1 → 1.1.1

  • Fixed i18n issues. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixed i18n issues. [jianaijun]
  • This fixed UnicodeDecodeError when Theme Title is Non-ASCII in the manifest.cfg file. [jianaijun] 1.3.1 → 1.3.3

  • Add upgrade step to set image scaling quality (p.a.imaging 1.0.8). [khink]
  • Upgrade broken 'added' content rules. [thomasdesvenain]
  • handle syndication upgrade when folder is not syndication enabled but has syndication information. [vangheem]
  • Nothing changed yet. 2.1.2 → 2.1.5

  • Fixed search on sharing view. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Include roles derived from borg.localrole adapters on the Sharing tab, appearing as inherited roles. [datakurre, davisagli]
  • Refactor sharing view to use index class variable instead of tempalte to make customization possible with ZCML. Without this you need to use jbot. [toutpt]
  • Add json header to [travacic] 0.7.2 → 0.7.3

  • Added possibility to use z3c.form's ContentProviders [gbastien, jfroche, gotcha]

plone.autoform: 1.3 → 1.4

  • Enhance the widget directive to allow for specifying widget parameters within the schema. [davisagli]
  • Support passing widget classes in the widget directive in addition to IFieldWidgets. [davisagli]
  • Support serializing widget parameters to XML. This requires implementing a IWidgetExportImportHandler utility for the widget type. [davisagli]

plone.batching: 1.0b1 → 1.0

  • Use index instead of template attribute in BatchView to be able to customize only the template. [vincentfretin, thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixed wrong msgid for 'First item'. [vincentfretin]

plone.contentrules: 2.0.2 → 2.0.3

  • Fix: Plone 4.3 sites were broken by "Content added" content rules created before 4.3. [thomasdesvenain]

plone.dexterity: 2.1.2 → 2.1.3

  • Fail gracefully when a schema lookup fails due to schema that doesn't exist or no longer exists for some reason or another. [eleddy]

plone.formwidget.namedfile: 1.0.5 → 1.0.6

  • added dutch translation [maartenkling]

plone.i18n: 2.0.6 → 2.0.8

  • Add Portuguese normalizer. [hvelarde]
  • Fix regression in normalizer: handle POSIX locale identifiers in addition to IETF language codes. [davisagli]

plone.namedfile: 2.0.1 → 2.0.2

  • Use's (>=1.0.8) quality setting if it exists. [khink]
  • fix invalidation on contexts that do not implement dublin core; Notably portlet assignments. Fallback is bobo_modification_time. Maybe portlet assignments should implement modified() instead? [tmog]
  • Fixed handling of TTW Dexterity content type image field data when image data is large and stored as in ZODB instead of raw string data. Issue appearated after Plone 4.3 migration [miohtama]

plone.outputfilters: 1.9 → 1.10

  • Work around bug in SGMLParser to handle singleton tags correctly. [tom_gross]

plone.portlet.collection: 2.1.4 → 2.1.5

  • PEP8 cleanup. [timo]
  • Migrate all tests to use the new Collection type instead of the old Topic type. [timo]
  • Migrate all tests to [timo]
  • Fix Archetypes brain rendering. This fixes [timo]

plone.resourceeditor: 1.0b4 → 1.0

  • make sure theme is disable [vangheem]
  • do not set value inside of pre tag since it can go crazy on some markup [vangheem]

plone.scale: 1.3.1 → 1.3.2

plone.stringinterp: 1.0.7 → 1.0.10

  • Added review_state_title substitution variable [ichim-david]
  • Added id substitution variable that works with content events and user events. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Email substitutions are not restricted to contentish anymore, so we can use them with user events. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Added editor_emails substitution variable. [thomasdesvenain]

plone.supermodel: 1.2.1 → 1.2.2

  • Avoid trying to process XML comments within field values. [davisagli]

plonetheme.classic: 1.3.1 → 1.3.2

  • Added classic_templates with containing the pre plone 4.4 table layout. [TH-code]

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.4.1 → 1.4.4

  • fix green line showing under current select for green bar items in Firefox, Checked in Firefox, Chrome and IE8. [gbastien, vangheem]
  • Revert dashboard permission change from 1.4.2. The dashboard works best when editable - linking to an uneditable dashboard should not be default. [danjacka]
  • Remove font-weight bold for monthdays and font-weight normal for table header in portlet calendar. Set div.portletCalendar with to auto instead of unnecessary 100% + margin. [thet]
  • Users only require dashboard view - not edit - permission to get a 'Dashboard' link in the actions menu. [danjacka]

z3c.form: 3.0a3 → 3.0

  • Only add the 'required' CSS class to widgets when they are in input mode.
  • Added support for IDict Widget in MultiWidget.
  • Catch bug where if a select value was set as from hidden input or through a rest url as a single value, it won't error out when trying to remove from ignored list. Probably not the 100% right fix but it catches core dumps and is sane anyways.