Plone 4.2.1 (Sep 07, 2012)

Bugfix release for Plone 4.2

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Change log

plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.1 → 4.2.3

  • Fix zcml load order of the optional locales directory. Translation overrides need to be loaded first. [sunew]
  • Changed client connection cache defaults. We specify a cache size of 30000 instead of 10000. [hvelarde]
  • Add new locales option for specifying a locales directory with extra or different translations. [maurits]

Plone: 4.2 → 4.2.1

  • Release Plone 4.2.1 [esteele]

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

  • Fixes album view - when scales generation failed, file name appeared twice. Refs [thomasdesvenain]
  • PEP 8 (ignoring W602, E301, E501 and E701). [hvelarde]
  • Deprecated aliases were replaced on tests. [hvelarde]
  • iCal export: Don't escape COLON character in TEXT property. Fixes [patch by jenskl, applied by kleist]
  • Changed deprecated getSiteEncoding to hardcoded utf-8 [tom_gross]

Products.Archetypes: 1.8 → 1.8.3

  • Fixed i18n regression introduced in 1.8 in several templates. [vincentfretin]
  • tiff, psd and eps images scales are generated, in jpeg format. Fixes thumbnail view and main view for image contents with tif, psd or eps file. With tif files, scales were generated but couldn't be seen in Plone UI ; psd and eps scales weren't generated. Refs [thomasdesvenain]
  • BaseObject.setId(): Remove leading/trailing space from given id. Fixes (test still needed). [patch by stxnext, applied by kleist]
  • Changed deprecated getSiteEncoding to hardcoded utf-8 [tom_gross]
  •,,, Don't use list as default parameter value. [kleist]

Products.CMFEditions: 2.2.4 → 2.2.5

  • Fixed version file preview for empty files. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixed versions history form: title and description aren't displayed two times. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixed version file preview: some displayed values of a previous version were values of current version. [thomasdesvenain]
  •,,, Don't use list as default parameter value. [kleist]

Products.CMFTestCase: 0.9.11 → 0.9.12

  • Use getSite from zope.component. [hannosch]

Products.ExternalEditor: 1.0 → 1.1

  • Added support for unaware mimetype browser - we now add the .zem extension no matter what the user-agent
  • Modified the cache's parameters - special case for MSIE
  • Corrected and added tests
  • Moved the sources of the client to another package : collective.zopeedit

Products.GenericSetup: 1.7.1 → 1.7.2

  • Avoid using emanage_FTPGet` on snapshot exports: that method messes up the response headers.
  • ZopePageTemplate handler: Fixed export encoding: since 1.7.0, exports must be utf-8 strings

Products.PloneLanguageTool: 3.2.4 → 3.2.5

  • Update getSite import location. [hannosch]

Products.PloneTestCase: 0.9.14 → 0.9.15

  • Modernize some imports. [hannosch]
  • Minor pep8 cleanup, changed has_key() synatax to 'in' syntax in a few areas [pbdiode]

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.1.2 → 2.2.1

  • Make it possible to change the default bundles for a theme by assigning bundles to '(default)' [davisagli]
  • Change BaseRegistryTool.deferredGetContent method to use OFS.File.update_data instead of OFS.File.manage_upload. The manage_upload method is a "ZMI" API. By calling manage_upload an ObjectModifiedEvent would be generated for every resource served from the registry. Let's do less work. [runyaga]

Products.TinyMCE: 1.2.12 → 1.2.13

  • Add a dependency on in [maurits]

archetypes.querywidget: 1.0.3 → 1.0.4

  • Added initially missing RelativePathWidget widget macro [petschki]
  • call the "@@querybuilder_html_results" view on collection context [petschki]

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.11 → 2.4.12

  • Show item icons in popup. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Limit the width of checkboxes column in popup. [thomasdesvenain]

kss.core: 1.6.3 → 1.6.4

  • Use in tests. [hannosch]
  • Use ViewPageTemplateFile from zope.browserpage. [hannosch]
  • Use zope.browserresource and remove Zope < 2.12 compatibility code. [hannosch]
  • Fixed 'plugin.js from KSS breaks jQuery in IE' [marco.mariani] 1.0.4 → 1.0.5 2.0.5 → 2.0.6

  • Use zope.browsermenu and remove Zope 2.12 BBB code. [hannosch] 2.1.5 → 2.1.8

  • Nothing changed yet.
  • Adding a content rule is not handled by 'added' rule... Fixes infinite loop on adding a content rule. [thomasdesvenain]
  • ContainerModified event is excluded from 'modified' event handling. This avoids for example adding a comment to lauch 'modified' rules registered for it. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Added an option in email action to exclude user who did the action from recipients. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Avoid hard dependency on Archetypes. [davisagli]
  • Fixed portaltype condition made type creation fail in portal_types. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Don't trigger modified actions if the event was for adding or removing content. Fixes #12461 [do3cc]
  • Logger action: Default values that make sense for "Logger name" (Plone) and "Logging level" (20). [kleist] 2.2.5 → 2.2.8

  • Fixed i18n regression in [vincentfretin]
  • Use customized list sequence widget from to enable unload form protection on Plone HTML Filters control panel. [vipod]
  • Nothing changed yet.
  • Users/groups controlpanel: When sending a password mail fails, an error message will now be issued. Fixes (together with a commit for Products.CMFPlone). [kleist] 2.1.6 → 2.1.7

  • Prune duplicated test code. [pjstevns]
  • Update version in buildout.cfg to allow development. [pjstevns]
  • Conversation.total_comments only counts published comments. Fixes bug #11591. [pjstevns]
  • Set workflow status of comments during migration based on the state of the Discussion Item. [pjstevns] 2.1 → 2.1.1

  • Customize formlib sequencewidget in order to add originalValue attribute. We need it to enable form unload protection for list fields on Plone forms. [vipod]
  • Fix handling of timezones for dates before 1970 on platforms where time.localtime cannot handle negative values (such as Windows). [mj] 2.1.5 → 2.1.7

  • Allow browser view templates to be defined and thus overridden in ZCML. [rpatterson]
  • Import events from zope.lifecycleevent. [hannosch]
  • Fix permissions check in parent folder working copy locator. [mitchellrj] 2.2.6 → 2.2.7 1.4.5 → 1.4.6

  • No more dependencies. [hannosch]
  • Remove hard dependency on Archetypes. [davisagli] 4.0.13 → 4.0.15

  • Updated translations.
  • Updated translations. 2.2.5 → 2.2.6 1.0.2 → 1.0.4

  • Fixed regression when using search_results macro from outside template. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Don't assume that SearchableText is going to be in any url with a GET request. [eleddy]
  • Check if type uses view action in listing in search results. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Change breadcrumb separator to / (slash character) for accessibility, and added SEO benefits. see [polyester]
  • Use convenience class width-full instead of grid class width-16 in, see [saily] 1.0 → 1.0.3

  • Fix packaging error. [esteele]
  • Fixed up the 1.0 branch, so a new release will actually contain the changes listed under release 1.0.1. [maurits]
  • Advise defining ajax_load as request.form.get('ajax_load') in manifest.cfg. For instance, the login_form has an hidden empty ajax_load input, which would give an unthemed page after submitting the form. [maurits]
  • Update IBeforeTraverseEvent import to zope.traversing. [hannosch]
  • On tab "Manage themes", change table header to better describe what's actually listed. [kleist] 1.2 → 1.2.1

  • Add upgrade profile for Plone 4.2.1 [esteele] 2.1.6 → 2.1.7

  • Depend on zope.formlib instead of [davisagli]
  • Remove hard dependency on Archetypes. [davisagli] 2.0.6 → 2.0.7

  • Don't use deprecated .gif icons. [davisagli]

plone.fieldsets: 2.0.1 → 2.0.2

  • Add [WouterVH]

plone.folder: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2

  • Update notifyContainerModified import location. [hannosch]
  • Add [WouterVH]

plone.i18n: 2.0 → 2.0.1

  • Use zope.browserresource. [hannosch]
  • Converted most tests from doctests to proper unit tests. [hannosch]
  • Fixed various native names of African languages. Added nd, nr and ve language codes. Thanks to Dwayne Bailey and Roche Compaan. [hannosch]
  • The max_length argument was ignored by plone.i18n.normalizer.ja.Normalizer. [rossp]

plone.outputfilters: 1.3 → 1.6

  • Don't break if an @@images scale can't be resolved for some reason. [davisagli]
  • Restore compatibility with Plone 4.0 when plone.outputfilters is present. [davisagli]
  • Fix incompatibilities with plone.namedfile [do3cc]

plone.portlet.collection: 2.1 → 2.1.1

plone.portlets: 2.0.2 → 2.1

  • Avoid some test dependencies. [hannosch]
  • Graceful handling of portlets with missing implementation. [do3cc]

plone.stringinterp: 1.0.5 → 1.0.7

  • Added parent_title substitution, which gets the title of the container. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixed user_fullname substitution : display user id if fullname is not set. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Do not restrict string interpolation to IContentish if not necessary. Fixes email content rule related with comments. Refs [thomasdesvenain]
  • Added parent_url substitution (the url of the object parent). [thomasdesvenain]

plone.subrequest: 1.6.5 → 1.6.6

  • Log errors that occur handling a subrequest to help debug errors including content from a different url [anthonygerrard]

plone.testing: 4.0.3 → 4.0.4

  • Fixed the cache reset code. In some situations the function does not have any defaults, so we shouldn't try to clear out the app reference. [malthe]

plonetheme.classic: 1.2.2 → 1.2.3

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.2.5 → 1.2.7

  • Fixes: in overlays, and especially in reference browser, label in an anchor link has a cursor pointer. Improves navigation experience in reference browser widget. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixes: compare previous link margin with history records is smaller. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Fixes and improvements on history popup with diff. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Move new CSS class generation into new function called getColumnClasses to let the old and deprecated one return column content CSS class only. This is important to keep all previously customized main_templates working. [saily]
  • Use sunburst_view to generate portal-column-one and portal-column-two classes as it is already done for portal-column-content. Fixes: [saily]