Plone 4.2 (Jul 05, 2012)

The second feature release in the Plone 4 series.

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Eric Steele
Released 2012/07/05 00:00:00 UTC

Feature enhancements in this release

The following features are associated with this release:

Add "test mail server" form to Mail Settings
Provide a much more intuitive way to test the mail server settings.
Switch to HTML5

Unified list interface
Develop a unified interface for listing content or items that look like content. This should be an interface that should be usable for normal content objects, catalog brains, — and anything else that looks like content (ORM results, SQL rows etc…).
Improved search results
“Search-dominant” navigating is one of the three popular ways to reach goals on a website. Search isn't just useful for finding content, it's how many people navigate. The search of Plone could do better to help these people.
New collections
Supply a replacement type for collections, using ajax/javascript to make a simpler, more sane and streamlined user experience for using collections and having a more lightweight backend that does not depend on many nested criteria types.
Python 2.7 support
Add support for Python 2.7. Plone's installers will use Python 2.7 by default, but Plone will retain support for Python 2.6.

Upgrading from Plone 4.1

Please see the Plone 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade guide for more information.

A Note for OSX  Mountain Lion users

Apple's most recent operating system release, OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) includes a new security feature known as Gatekeeper which limits users' ability to install software which does not come from the Apple Store or is not digitally signed by the developer using a code from Apple.  The current Plone installer is not a signed application, so trying to install it on a Mac running 10.8 will require changing your security settings.

You can do this by going under the Apple menu to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and under "Allow applications downloaded from:" setting from "Mac App Store" to "Anywhere".  This will allow you to install Plone 4.2 onto a Mac running Mountain Lion.  Make sure that after installing Plone you reset your security settings to the level that meets your needs.
Plone will have a signed version of its installer available in the near future that will get rid of this limitation.