Plone 3.2 (Feb 07, 2009)


This is an historical page intended for people who can't upgrade. Current versions of Plone can be found on the overview page

The 3.2 release mainly focuses on improving the packaging (eggs, buildout) and installer experience, and is based on Plone 3.1. It does not include any major changes: all products that work with Plone 3.0 & 3.1 should also work in Plone 3.2. The upgrade from Plone 3.x is simple and non-invasive, ensuring a smooth upgrade experience.

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There may be hotfixes applicable to this release. Always check the Plone Hotfix Page before production deployment.

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Wichert Akkerman
Released 2008/12/31 00:00:00 Universal

Beginning with Plone 3.2, Plone will be available as a Python package and via installers. It will no longer be distributed as a tarball of old-fashioned Zope products. The change to standard Python packaging will improve dependency handling and make future installations easier. But, it will require some adjustments for those used to installing via a tarball of products. The 3.2 installation will also require some slight changes in the buildout configuration file for those who have already been using buildout configuration management in the 3.x series.

Windows Update

Users of past Windows installers should note: you should not try to simply install on top of your old Windows installation. That might have worked in the past, but it won't work with this upgrade. The move to a buildout-based installer has changed the layout of the subdirectories inside the installation. Do a new installation, get it working with all required products, then copy your old Data.fs file over the matching file in the new installation.

More information

More information on upgrading to Plone 3.2.x can be found in the upgrade guide