Plone 3.1.6 (Oct 11, 2008)


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Bugfix release for the Plone 3.1 series

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Wichert Akkerman
Released 2008/10/11 00:00:00 Universal


Change log

  • Improve handling of stale catalog entries encountered during folder reordering.
  • Fix the silent failure of the group membership management of users via the user membership form. Fixes 8468.
  • Restore icons for the language control panel in the 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 migration. Fixes 7901.
  • Fix test for automatically generated ids to handle content types with a dot in their name. Fixes 8480.
  • By default, keep the styling when managing portlets separate from the styling when viewing the portlets, to improve usability with custom themes. Fixes 8391.
  • Hide link to the dashboard from the personal preferences page if the user is not allowed to view the dashboard.
  • Improve styling in MS Internet Explorer.
  • Fix non XML syntax compliant ids in content menus. Fixes 8195.
  • Correct problems with Firefox 3.0 and kupu. Fixes 8280.

Updated packages and products

  • Products.kupu 1.4.12
  • Products.CMFPlone 3.1.6
  • 1.1.5