Plone 3.0.5 (Jan 07, 2008)


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This is the fifth maintenance release of Plone 3.0.

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Wichert Akkerman
Released 2008/01/07 00:00:00 Universal

This is the fifth maintenance release of Plone 3.0.

Change log

  • Update translations.
  • If you are using the fullscreenmode.js script, you can now pass in a minimal=1 argument in the URL to make a page start out in the minimal mode.
  • Fix problems with non-savepoint capable connections (such as SQL connections) involved in folder_delete, folder_publish of folder_rename actions.
  • Hiding page history, page navigation, and busy icon (spinner) in print CSS. This relates to 7402 and 7433.
  • Fix persistant translation service creation code. This corrects broken translations on initial Zope start. This fixes 7470.
  • Visual editor improvements:
    • Style whitelist and class blacklist now work when there is only one entry in the list.
    • Span tags with no attributes after filtering are removed.
  • Make the content rule configuration page fully translatable. This fixes 6886.
  • Update the object-not-found error page to search for alternatives within the navigation root instead of the entire site.
  • Fix translation for default item in display content menu for situations. This fixes 7281.
  • Fix absolute_url() for content rules add views, content rules traversal adapters, portlet add views, portlet assignment mappings and portlet assignments.
  • Fix handling of RSS feeds which do not include an update timestamp for feed entries. This fixes 7515.
  • Change KSS saveField to not require value explicitply but take it from the request if not specifies. This makes it possible to use saveField-kssSubmitForm: currentForm(); which is needed for multi-valued form variables.
  • Fix handling of the portal type criteria for collections. This fixes 7467.
  • Update the delete-confirmation page for objects that are references elsewhere to order all referencing items in alphabetical order.
  • Fix handling of types where allow_discussion is set as a class attribute which could lead to an AttributeError when changing the discussion settings. This fixes 761.
  • Extend the Archetypes widget API to inform widgets when processing the form in the validation phase. This fixes 760.
  • Correct zope.i18n.translate calls in Archetypes: should use the request, not the instance itself as the context. This fixes translation problems seen in Plone 3.0.4.
  • Do not create an empty <ul> in the personal actions bar if there are no items in it. This fixes an XHTML syntax error.
  • Fix the languages method of the language selector to include the native language name.
  • Fix invalid context argument passed into the translation machinery in the workflow state vocabulary. This fixes 7492.
  • Fix potential acquisition problem in five.localsitemanager when assigning values to the utilities registry of the component registry.
  • Raise a ValueError when the Zope3 translation utilities get passed in an invalid context argument. Translations in Zope3 work against the request alone and while the keyword is called context it was too easily confused with a contentish context.

Updated packages

  • Archetypes 1.5.5
  • ATContentTypes 1.2.4
  • CMFPlone 3.0.5
  • GenericSetup 1.3.3
  • kupu 1.4.7
  • PlacelessTranslationService 1.4.8
  • PloneTranslations 3.0.10
  • archetypes.kss 1.2.5
  • 1.0.5
  • 1.0.5
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.2.5
  • 1.0.4
  • 1.0.5
  • 1.0.5
  • 1.0.2
  • 1.0.5
  • plone.contentrules 1.0.5
  • five.localsitemanager 0.3