Plone 2.1.3 (Jun 03, 2006)


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The third maintenance release in the Plone 2.1 series. Focus on bug fixes. Read on for further details.

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Release Notes

State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Stefan H. Holek, Plone Solutions
Released 2006/06/03 00:00:00 Universal
  • This release supercedes all Plone Hotfixes.

The most important changes in Plone 2.1.3:

  • Kupu has received a major overhaul:
    • Can now insert pre-defined thumbnails directly from the image insertion dialog - no more resizing images!
    • Better icons and stripped away irrelevant options
    • Added "pullquote" and "callout" layout classes, renamed "formatted" label to "literal", added the "discreet" from Plone.
    • Improved tool ordering (growing elements like the text format selector should be at the end, since they displace all the other icons when they change if not)
    • Fixed stupid bug in Mozilla by explicitly setting the link styling inside Kupu
    • Made all images load from an absolute URL to improve caching
  • CSS elements have been moved to make it easier to skin Plone with DIYPloneStyle
  • Built-in support for rounded corners
  • New button in the ZMI to find and catalog content and content only (useful if you erroneously clear the catalog and need to rebuild it)
  • Lots of fixes for Right-to-Left languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi
  • Re-added toPortalTime method - even if it is deprecated, it was removed in a minor release (and broke some add-on products), and that shouldn't happen. This will disappear in Plone 2.5, though - so make sure your third-party products use toLocalizedTime instead.
  • Lots of cleanups in the navigation tree code. NOTE: If you have a customized navigation tree, you might have to re-customize it.
  • Uses full name in comments now
  • Added relaxed mode to normalizeString that will be used to not make file names lowercase on upload.
  • Username in personal bar now points to the profile, and gives you an interface to edit your profile.
  • Introduced a new class "tile" to use in the portlets. The previous portlet code implicitly assumed that all links would be block-level, which is not a good thing. This should have minimal impact on old portlets, but if you want the block-level behaviour and stay compatible with older portlet code too, just add class="tile" to your links.

Change log

Plone 2.1.3 - Tomahawk - Released June 3, 2006

  • Polished HTML in It generated <LI> element without the <UL> when there are no livesearch results [spliter]
  • Use sort_limit in the search for portlet_recent. Fixes [alecm]
  • Fixed spelling error in livesearch. This closes [hannosch]
  • Fix username vs userid confusion in PloneTool.changeOwnershipOf. [wichert]

RC1 - Released May 17, 2006

  • Added workarounds so the rounded corners for portlets work in Internet Explorer too. [limi] [spliter]
  • Moved column padding to public.css to make sure it doesn't stick around when doing customizations of the site theme. It used to be in columns.css. [limi]
  • Various small i18n markup fixes. Updated folder_edit_form to conform to the same style as the Archetypes based edit forms, as it is still used for the Plone site object. [hannosch]
  • Added smart folder sub-topic listing to all available smart folder view templates. Fixes [alecm]
  • Added link to error reference on to error log form. Fixes [brcwhit]
  • Fixed to check the following permission before checking whether a user is anonymous: Modify portal content, Add portal content, Review portal content. This closes [brcwhit]
  • Fixed livesearch issues. This closes . [ree]
  • Set access for all plone control panel forms to View = 0:Manager. Closes [brcwhit]
  • Fixed extra space in changeSiteActions function in some migrations. This closes [hannosch]
  • Fixed the float bug on Events' view page This closes [spliter]
  • Fixed bug in login_success. If you did not came_from somewhere, it would still offer you to go there. Changed this to portal_url instead. This closes [hannosch]
  • Repaired the portal logo appearance visual bug in IE 5, 5.5. This closes [wald]
  • Corrected the portlet_calendar view for tableless layout for Firefox. This closes [wald]
  • When setting some background to the top, Live Search did not look properly. Moreover in IE it had a bad visual behavior. Changed the visual representation of the Live Search to repair the improper look. This closes and http.:// [wald]
  • contentActions drop down menus were falling below the content area text in IE. This closes, and [wald]
  • Updated tableless to get it in sync with the tablebased This closes [hannosch]
  • A confirmation page is now displayed upon successful submission of the contact-info form. This fixes [rocky]
  • Added missing i18n translation in live search for 'Advanced search' and 'Show all'. This closes [hannosch]
  • Fixed incorrect coloring of workflow states in content menu in some cases, due to missing normalizeString call. This fixes [hannosch]
  • Fixed typo in This closes [hannosch]
  • Fixed trivial error in validate_emailaddr. This closes [hannosch]
  • External editor link showed on temporary content. This closes [hannosch]
  • Calendar showed arrow when it's not clickable. This closes [hannosch]
  • Links in calendar portlet showed only "published" items, rather than all states set by calendar tool. This closes [hannosch]
  • OpenDocument files are no longer shown as garbage text. This fixes [hannosch]
  • Fixes #5487. Changed 'orig_template' query value from context's URL to HTTP_REFERER in 'object_rename' so that we can really redirect to the original view and not only the default view in 'folder_rename'. [maurits, nouri]
  • Add a category parameter to createToplevelTabs to allow skins to use a different action category. [wichert]
  • The padding on the documentEditable content area depends on the design in public.css, and was moved there to make CSS customization more predictable. [limi]
  • Fixed missing security declarations in MembershipTool. [stefan]
  • Force a catalog reindex on upgrade to get correct work boundaries on transformed html content. [wichert]
  • vcXMLRPC.js is deprecated in Plone 2.1.3 and will be removed in 2.5. For now we just remove it from ResourceRegistries, but the file is still available. [fschulze]
  • Backported feature from 2.5: Added method to Catalog Tool to fully rebuild the catalog by walking the tree and looking for content, as well as a ZMI button. [alecm, hannosch]
  • Removed underline button from Kupu, you shouldn't use underline for web pages - as it's very hard to discern from a link. If you want it back, add the following to your CSS file: #kupu-underline-button { display: inline; } [limi]
  • Added condition so that you don't get the "send feedback to author" on yourself. If you don't know how to get in touch with yourself, seek professional help. ;) [limi]
  • Disabled the RichWidget file upload field using CSS. The reason is that it causes a lot of problems for naive users, who upload Word documents, images etc here. The content has to be in HTML or the selected text format for this to work. If you want to re-enable this in your site, add the following to your CSS file: .fieldUploadFile { display: block } [limi]
  • Removed inline styles on file upload field in RichWidget, added classes fieldUploadFile and fieldTextFormat so these elements can be styled using CSS. [limi]
  • Fixed up Summary View to show author/date on News Items and location/time on Events. [limi]
  • Incorporated various fixes for RTL support. [fschulze]
  • Moved the hidden accessibility items from public.css to base.css. [limi]
  • Finally put back the native support for rounded corners that was pulled out right before the 2.1.0 release, you can now put rounded corners on portlets by using the portlet(Top|Bottom)(Left|Right) classes. [limi]
  • Fixed duplicate css definition for livesearch background. This fixes [hannosch]
  • Fixed erroneous form actions in prefs_error_log_form. Made it work even if the button labels were translated. [hannosch]
  • Tabindexes aren't as good for usability/accessibility as we once thought, and they wreak havoc with JavaScript/AJAX type code that dynamically inserts form elements. Instead, we should have the first element in the main body have tabindex="0" and the rest not have tabindexes, this making the cursor focus on that element first, and then follow normal ordering thereafter. Fixed IndexIterator to support just this - when mainSlot=False it always returns None; when mainSlot=True, it returns a number on the first iteration, and no number thereafter. Fixed up global_defines, the portlet fetcher and various templates that were abusing tabindexes to get a unique number for form elements to reflect this. Also added a new iterator called uniqueItemIndex in global_defines, which can be used when a page-unique number is needed, as it is in [optilude]
  • Replace ← with '-' in the breadcrumb trail for RTL environments. It seems that ← is not present in common RTL fontsets on Windows. Firefox can compensate for that, but IE can not.
  • Re-added toPortalTime script which was accidentally removed earlier. It is deprecated though and won't be included in Plone 2.5. This closes [hannosch]
  • Added explanatory doctests for the translation service tool l10n methods. [hannosch]
  • Added some missing i18n statements for link related tags in the headed. This fixes [hannosch]
  • Fixed exception in getDefaultPage when the LinguaPlone-aware content type is not associated with a workflow chain. [panjunyong]
  • Added Turkish map for UnicodeNormalizer and consolidated the mappings. This fixes [hannosch]
  • Included e-mail address in mail_password_form into the i18n message. Fixes [hannosch]
  • Modified viewThreadsAtBottom to make it better work with css: div is not shown when no discussions exist or no discussions are allowed. Image icons in front of each reply is now a background image so that can also be styled by css alone. Added the style in authoring.css [ender]
  • Standardized how description fields are rendered in html among the various templates. document_view used a <p> while folder_listing used a <div> etc. They all use <p> now and omit the field completely when there is no description (all similar to document_view). [ender]
  • Re-added support for topLevel and bottomLevel navtree propreties, as well as the new name (of the navtree portlet) and root (of site navigation) properties, and added the Sprout navtree preference panel to let users manage these settings. Factored the navtree code out to .browser.navtree, which is TTW importable and contains a re-usable buildFolderTree() function that can be used to build navtree-like structures in custom code. See the docstrings in that module for more details. THIS REQUIRES THAT YOU RE-CUSTOMIZE YOUR NAVTREE IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM VERSION IN YOUR SITE! Fixes [optilude]
  • Added some missing .metadata file for images. [panjunyong]
  • Removed from the tableless skin - there's no need for it to have a separate file for this. [limi]
  • Use fullname but not username in viewThreadsAtBottom. [panjunyong]
  • Adding relaxed mode to PloneTool.normalizeString(). This will be used in ATContentTypes to avoid stripping too much from valid filenames being uploaded. [optilude]
  • Making links link directly to the target in the navtree. Fixes [optilude]
  • Making the user-name link in the personal-bar link to the author profile. Fixes [optilude]
  • Added more insane TAL logic to to actually show the error to the user, as opposed to simply logging it. If anyone has an issue with this, please just remove the tal:on-error. Fixes and [optilude]
  • Handle empty values for group properties of lines and ulines types correctly in the group details template. [wichert]
  • Removed 'input' from the print CSS blacklist; forms print properly now. [limi]
  • Moved the colophon icons into classes instead of using inline styles. [limi]
  • Lots of improvements to the visual editor [limi]:
    • Added "pullquote" and "callout" layout classes, renamed "formatted" label to "literal"
    • Updating icons to better match the Plone style
    • Improved tool ordering (growing elements like the text format selector should be at the end, since they displace all the other icons when they change if not)
    • Fixed stupid bug in Mozilla by explicitly setting the link styling inside Kupu
    • Made all images load from an absolute URL to improve caching
  • Fixed CSS regression: the p tag would sometimes be a victim of the peekaboo bug after we removed it to work better with Kupu; put it back in with a position: relative hack instead. This should work better. This closes [limi]
  • Made the file_view link directly to the file. This closes [limi]
  • The Sharing page was showing mail addresses to easier be able to discern between users with similar user names; now it uses full name instead. This closes [limi]
  • Move two IE hacks to IEFixes.css.dtml where there belong, as these had ugly side-effects when viewing a site with IE 7 beta2. [hannosch]
  • Renamed "discussion" to "comments" in the UI, made the labels more explicit about what they actually do. [limi]
  • Checkboxes got background in IE, this was fixed. Also moved the 'noborder' class to public.css. [limi]
  • prefs_mailhost_form looked up "smtp_server" in a strange location. Removed some backwards compatibility code from PropertiesTool as well. Fixes [hannosch]
  • Clarify description for 'show short name' feature in the prefs panel. Closes [hannosch]
  • Added warning message to version overview in the control panel if PIL is not installed. Closes [hannosch]
  • Fixed inconsistencies where some 'Controller Python Script' were being declared as normal 'Script (Python)' and were missing the state variable. [deo]
  • Fix confusion between user names and user ids in the membership tool. Fixes [wichert]
  • Fixe bug: can't access content when the user have no permission to access the acquired left_slots/right_slots properties. [panjunyong]
  • Introduced a new class "tile" to use in the portlets. The previous portlet code implicitly assumed that all links would be block-level, which is not a good thing. This should have minimal impact on old portlets, but if you want the block-level behaviour and stay compatible with older portlet code too, just add class="tile" to your links. [limi]
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