Search and indexing improvements

Plone has long had the best out-of-the box search experience of any Content Management System out there, with innovative features like LiveSearch, our instant-feedback search box. Plone 4 improves searching in two important ways.

Advanced Search Form improvements


The advanced search form hides field by default. Click to focus your search.

The advanced search form in Plone has always been a bit intimidating, and our users have asked for more options to be made accessible. Well, here they are!

With Plone 4, the advanced search form hides less relevant sections, so you can expand the ones you need, and more easily ignore the ones you don't. It's a simple change that makes people much more comfortable with creating refined searches.

It also hides options based on your permissions in the site, so you never get form fields you can't make use of.

Full-text Search Indexing of East Asian Languages

Full-text indexing typically splits words on spaces, but CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages don’t. Plone 4 introduces bigram-splitting for those languages instead, which means that we now get better results when searching in East Asian languages.

Why is this important? Well, we just made Plone an incredibly powerful tool for 1.5 billion potential new users. That's nothing to scoff at.