Popup forms with jQuery Tools

Plone 4 makes it easy to build popup dialog boxes and forms with jQuery Tools.

Plone 4 includes an overlay (DOM window) framework built on jQuery Tools that makes it easy for you to add dynamic popups, including AJAX forms, to pages in your site -- without compromising accessibility when JavaScript isn't available.

The framework, known as plone.app.jquerytools, also integrates much of the jQuery Tools toolkit, including Tabs, Tooltips, Overlay, Exposé (masking) and Scrollable.  This makes it possible to build visually impressive, highly-usable and highly-accessible user interfaces into your Plone sites with a minimum of fuss and both.

plone.app.jquerytools also works on Plone 3, making it possible to create add-on products that use these effects, yet work seamlessly on both Plone 3 and Plone 4.

jQuery Tools modal dialog popup