What's New in Plone 2.0

A summary of what's new in Plone 2.0.

To download Plone 2.0, go to our download page, where you can find installers for Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and a variety of Linux packaging formats.

For those of you coming from Plone 1.0, there is migration documentation, and if you want the full detail, an extensive change log is available. The press release is also available.


  • Administration: Addition of centralized control panel for setup, and addition of groups support.
  • Architecture: Upgraded components, including new versions of Python, Zope, and CMF.
  • Usability: New context menus for adding objects and changing workflow state, and improved sharing interface.
  • Internationalization & Accessibility: Additional translations, improved unicode support, and strong support for accessibility standards.
  • User Interface: Highlighted search terms, icons for link types, RSS in more places, font-size switching on the fly, ordering support, and more.
  • Installer and Controller: New products that ship with the full installer version of Plone, and changes to the Windows controller.
  • For Designers: Refactored templates, greater control through CSS, choice of standard or tableless CSS designs.
  • For Developers: Many improvements for developers, including new tools, testing frameworks, content types, and more.
  • Credits: The people and companies that brought you Plone 2.0.

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