More powerful management of users and groups

Plone 4 brings many improvements to user & group management.

Without users, there wouldn't be much content to manage.  So we're excited to bring you a great set of improvements to the everyday experience of creating and managing new users in your Plone site.  Plone 4 includes:

  • Streamlined user creation process for administrators — Plone 4 lets you create new user accounts for your site faster than ever before, and allows you to choose groups for users while creating them.

  • Full support for nested groups — Groups can now contain other groups, making it easier and faster to give everybody exactly the permissions they need.

  • Improved user management — We've overhauled the entire user interface for managing user and groups to make everything faster, easier and more consistent.

  • Flexible user registration — You can now show and hide user profile fields on member registration forms. A new user data framework allows for easily extensible member registration and profile fields.

  • A new login option — Allow your users to log in using either username or email address.

Plone 4 Groups UI