Plango 2.1.2 (Feb 27, 2007)


Added mimetypes icons.

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Product Package

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5, Plone 2.1
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Paolo Melchiorre

See the product README.txt for details and installation instructions.

Change log


  • Updated screenshot-en.gif, screenshot-it.gif
  • version.txt: Updated to 2.1.2


  • Added icons: book_icon.gif, error_icon.gif, error_log_icon.gif, info.gif, save_icon.gif, undo_icon.gif
  • Updated icons: info_icon.gif
  • Added tango_mimetypes_icons directory with icons:
    application.png, c.png, down.png, f.png, image.png, log.png, mime.png, pl.png, py.png, sh.png, sxi.png, tex.png, unknown.png, video.png, audio.png, cpp.png, dvi.png, gf.png, info.png, man.png, o.png, png.png, quicktime.png, sxc.png, sxm.png, text.png, up.png, wav.png, avi.png, deb.png, exe.png, h.png, iso.png, message.png, pdf.png, ppt.png, rar.png, sxd.png, sxw.png, tgz.png, vcal.png, xls.png, core.png, doc.png, font.png, html.png, java.png, midi.png, pk.png, ps.png, rpm.png, sxg.png, tar.png, txt.png, vcard.png