Nautilus Plone Backend

This project aims to provide a Plone backend for Nautilus that is hookable and extensible and integrates simple management tasks with your Desktop.

Project Description


This project provides a few components to enable Nautilus to access richer information about a Plone site, using WebDAV, fully implemented in Python.

Warning: This is a technology preview. Code exists but is not yet publicly available.


  • A gnome-vfs backend that exposes Plone objects via WebDAV using pure Python
  • A MenuProvider for workflow transitions
  • A PropertyPageProvider for simple Dublin Core properties
  • A ColumnProvider for showing the Title and Workflow Status in listing views

The WebDAV glue code is based on the same code that empowers Enfold Systems' Enfold Desktop product. The code is not yet publicly available, but a licensing scheme that allows this is being worked on.


A movie that demonstrates the current state of the project is available (flash movie, 2.7Mb).

For comparison, also check out the Enfold Desktop demo (flash movie, 800Kb).


A tarball with the source code will be made available once the licensing of the Enfold Desktop WebDAV code is decided.

Current Release

No stable release available yet.

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