FileSystemStorage 2.5.2 (Oct 27, 2006)


This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

FileSystem storage for Archetypes

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.1.3, Plone 2.1.2, Plone 2.1.1, Plone 2.1
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Ingeniweb


* Add checksum to be sure files are not corrupted on filesystem

2.5.2 - 2006/10/27

* Fix bug on maintenance tab: update files and backup, and update RDF (ED)

* Fix some renaming bugs (ED)

* Extend index_html method of VirtualFile and VirtualImage to use a
filestream iterator. FSS is now compliant with CacheFu

* Fix bug in FSSTool:updateFSS - replace restoreBackup method by

* Add new strategy: SiteStorageStrategy2

2.5.1 - 2006/07/28

* Check existence of backup and storage paths in configlet

* Fix bug on maintenance tab

2.5 - 2006/07/19

* Update tests to use all strategies

* Add storage strategies : FlatStorageStrategy, DirectoryStorageStrategy, \

* Patch BaseObject to make it possible to access images like this
mysite/myobj/image or mysite/myobj/image_mini

* Added a docstring on VirtualData class and subclasses. This should fix : VirtualImage

Change log

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