#48 — Invalid cross-device link when storage on different mounted volumes (switch away from os.rename)

State Unconfirmed
Version: 2.8rc2
Area Functionality
Issue type Bug
Severity Medium
Submitted by Webworks
Submitted on Jul 07, 2010
Target release:
Tested on version 2.8rc3

Many unixish systems have different directories (/tmp, /home, /var and so on) on different mounted volumes. Python's os.rename cannot handle this and therefore the code in iw.fss that uses os.rename cannot handle the storage being on a different mounted volumes (say, on "/var/www/html", when the Plone site is a buildout in the "/home" hierarchy). shutil.move may be an alternative to os.rename .
Steps to reproduce:
Specify storage on other mounted volume in linux than the one where Plone runs

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