A base product for the new portal. It enables adding and managing of EESTEC Events (workshops, exchanges, etc.), application to these event, managing Local Commitees, managing public content (news, PR, etc.) and private content (rules, guides, ... ).

Project Description

EESTEC User Management System 

◦ Every EESTEC Member will have a profile on EESTEC webpage. 

◦ There will be four levels of hierarchy: 

▪ IT Members 

▪ Board members 

▪ CPs 

▪ EESTEC members 

◦ When an EESTEC member becomes member of the website for the first time, 

basic information will be asked to him/her such as: Name, Surname, LC, 

Birthdate, Local Committee, University, Position in LC, Study field, E-mail, request 

to become a member of EESTEC Career Mailing List, Request to join the 

database of EESTEC Lykeion Project. 

◦ New members will be approved by the CP of the Local Committee that s/he is 


◦ In later stages, following tabs can be added to the profile: 

• Visited EESTEC events 

• E-mail to every EESTEC member ending with 

• The list of international teams joined 

• Activities 

• Interests 

• Academical Experience 

• Industrial Experience 

• Instant chat among logged in members

• Having CP priority will be given by VC-IA or board members. CPs will approve the 

membership of EESTEC members to the website. In the private section, when members 

log in, document related to EESTEC will be present for the usage of members. These 

document tabs can be such as: 

• Congress Guides 

• Congress minutes 

• ECM Guides 

• Training Documents 

• Guides 

• Other necessary documents 

• EESTEC Event Management System 

All EESTEC event applications will be done via EESTEC Event Management 

System. The type of events may be as the following: 

• Workshop 

• Exchange 

• ECM 

• Congress 

• T4T 

• Other 

Contact Persons will have the right to create an event. The event information will 

include these information: 

• Name of the event 

• Type of the event 

• Organiser LC 

• Arrival Date 

• Departure Date 

• Number of Participants 

• Official Website of the event 

• Information about the event 

• Deadline to apply 

• Contact Information 

Every time a new event is created, an e-mail will be sent to CP List automatically in 

a predefined format. When an EESTEC member wants to apply an event, s/he will 

login to the website, go to “Private section >> Apply for events” part, and then 

choose an event and apply for the event. Online application form will include 

following information: 

• Name and surname 

• LC 

• Study Field 

• Birthdate 

• Sex 

( Upper details will also exist in the profile, so maybe, when someone wants to 

apply an event, in the application form, those information can already be taken

from the profile information if possible.) 

• Passport Details 

◦ Country 

◦ Place of Issue 

◦ Address 

◦ Date of Issue 

◦ Valid Until 

• T-Shirt Size 

• Special Needs 

• Any notes for organisers 

• Once s/he applies, an e-mail will be sent to the CP( for observers, to VC-EA) of 

his/her LC. 

• If CP approves him/her, an e-mail will be sent to the organiser CP. 

• When the decision is made after the deadline by the organisers( this can also be 

included in the system, such as, the organiser CP can see everybody who 

applied, and then put a tick for the ones who were accepted), an e-mail will be 

sent for the notification of VC-IA, and when VC-IA approves it, a positive or 

negative e-mail will be sent to the person and his/her CP. 

For the applications for observers, there can be a special function for VC-EA to 

apply multiple times for different people for different applications, because, while 

observers try to build their structure, they may have problems for building their 

hierarchy and may have preventions to work in a healthy way in the website, so 

we may use VC-EA account to make people apply for an event.  


Current Release

No stable release available yet.

If you are interested in getting the source code of this project, you can get it from the Code repository .

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