eea.geotags 6.7 (May 14, 2014)

New features and bug fixes

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Change log

6.7 - (2014-05-13)

  • Feature: added clear all geo points functionality when editing the current location list [ichimdav refs #9037]
  • Bug fix: pass componentRestriction option with the country code when picking the nuts region in order to help Google maps find a better match result [ichimdav refs #19495]
  • Change: on page load the edit widget will be zoomed to fit the bounds of all of the geo markers [ichimdav refs #9037]
  • Change: geotags edit form now use an accordion menu instead of tabs for the basic and advanced search options [ichimdav refs #9037]
  • Feature: added search by country, feature class and continent besides the freeform search useful when needing to find for instance the Po river from Italy [ichimdav refs #18559]
  • Feature: added ability to filter the results by feature class with added dependency on Select2 jQuery plugin from eea.jquery [ichimdav refs #18559]