collective.tablepage 0.8a2 (Alpha release) (May 20, 2014)

This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.

Bugfix release

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Available downloads

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 4.3, Plone 4.2, Plone 4.1, Plone 4, Plone 3
State Alpha release
License GPL

Better compatibility with new version 0.8 features and fixed migration issues

Change log

  • Fix compatibility errors with documents created with version 0.7 and below
  • icon: and title: features also for internal links
  • Error migrating from 0.7: the catalog was created inside the portal_setup tool!
  • Added a new "refresh catalog" command on tables
  • Indexing of cached values is now trying to invalidating cache first. This prevent infinite caching of computed columns
  • Changes to cache generation, to reduce ConflictError