Add to Plone Collection content type the "this month" and "this year" criteria

Project Description


This product add a two new criteria for dates inside Plone, someway similar to the "Today" ones.

What you can't do with the default Plone relative criteria is configure a Collection that:

  • show all news published this month
  • show all file modified this year
  • ... and so on.

As default Plone "today" criteria, the "this month" and "this year" values are taken automatically.

How to use

The new criteria displays a simple selection between:

  • This year
  • This month
Period of time criteria

New criteria added on Collection

Also, this product will backport the "Today" criteria added on new style collection content type to the old Archetypes based ones.

Period of time criteria (on old collections)

New criteria added on old-style Collection


Tested with Plone 4.2 and Plone 4.3.


  • Fix tests (the few there are GMT+1 specific)
  • Right now the calculation of dates is sometimes crappy.


Developed with the support of Azienda USL Ferrara; Azienda USL Ferrara supports the PloneGov initiative.

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This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.

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[X] Internationalized

[X] Unit tests

[X] End-user documentation

[ ] Internal documentation (documentation, interfaces, etc.)

[X] Existed and maintained for at least 6 months

[X] Installs and uninstalls cleanly

[ ] Code structure follows best practice

Current Release
collective.periodcriterion 0.2.0

Released Dec 20, 2012 — tested with Plone 4.3, Plone 4.2

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All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
0.2.0 Dec 20, 2012 Upgrade to More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
GPL final
0.1.0 First release More about this release…
Plone 3
GPL beta