Plone opengraph integration

Project Description


This package is a part of the Plone's collective.fg bundle. It adds the opengraph metadata to your HTML head section.

Supported metadata:
  • og:site_name name of the site
  • og:url url of the webpage
  • og:title title of the webpage
  • og:description description of the webpage
  • og:image your webpage image (either 'image' field of your context or collective.contentleadimage one)

from the control panel you can manage following settings: - the default og:type - which content types should be opengraph metadata aware


One of the goals of this package is to allow developers extend the default metadata definition. It's availabe threw IOpengrapMetatags adapter:

from collective.opengraph.interfaces IOpengraphMetatags
from collective.opengraph.viewlets import ATMetatags

class MyATMetatags(ATMetatags):


    def metatags(self):
        tags = super(MyATMetatags, self).metatags
        tags.update({'og:newtype': 'custom value'})
        return tags

You can also customize existing og values:

from collective.opengraph.interfaces IOpengraphMetatags
from collective.opengraph.viewlets import ATMetatags

class AnotherMetatags(ATMetatags):


    def title(self):
        return '%s - Lorem ipsum' % self.context.Title()


1.0.1 (2012-10-16)

  • Docs update and fixed manifest file [amleczko]

1.0 (2012-10-15)

  • refactored and release during PloneConf2012 sprint [amleczko]

0.1dev (unreleased)

  • added action to (un)mark 'IOpengraphable' content types
  • added translations
  • registered viewlet for 'IOpengraphable' content types
  • added og:type meta tag
  • added default configurations in IRegistry
  • first release

Current Release
collective.opengraph 1.0.1

Released Oct 16, 2012

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All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
1.0.1 Oct 16, 2012 More about this release… GPL final
1.0 More about this release… GPL pre-release