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This addon can be installed has any other addons, please follow official documentation.


Version 2.0

If you are upgrading from an older version to 2.0, you may need to run upgrade steps. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to portal_setup in the ZMI of your site
  2. Click onto the Upgrades tab
  3. Select collective.geo.mapwidget:default from the drop-down list and click Choose Profile
  4. Observe any available upgrades and click the Upgrade button if any are present.


  • Gerhard Weis - gweis
  • Giorgio Borelli - gborelli
  • Silvio Tomatis - silviot
  • David Beitey - davidjb
  • Rob Gietema - robgietema
  • Leonardo J. Caballero G - macagua
  • Denis Krienbühl - href
  • Benoît Suttor - bsuttor


2.1.3 (2014-08-16)

  • Bug fix, utils check is a object use "use_custom_styles", if not sytles are take from global styles [bsuttor]
  • Updated classifiers list for package [macagua]
  • Updated Spanish translation [macagua]
  • Use getMultiAdapter instead of restrictedTraverse in Views [gborelli]

2.1.2 (2014-03-16)

  • Add content type location's attribute as default value for geocoding input field [gborelli]
  • Fix #14 - GeoCoderView [gborelli]

2.1.1 (2014-02-26)

  • Fix geopy version; geopy 0.98.1 is currently broken [gborelli]

2.1 (2014-02-26)

  • Moved collective_geo_styles metadata and related indexer from c.geo.contentlocations [gborelli]
  • Added get_feature_styles method to retrieve map styles [gborelli]
  • Fixed google.GQueryError ImportError [Jian Aijun]
  • Updated German translation. [href]

2.0 (2013-10-29)

  • Change package layout [gborelli]
  • Re-adds previously used maxResolution and maxExtent options, fixing issues with certain WMTS services. [href]

2.0b1 (2013-06-02)

  • move IGeoCoder utility from c.geo.mapwidget [gborelli]
  • Prevent multiple inclusions of Google maps and Bing javascripts [gborelli]
  • Moved Openlayers localization to geosettings_view [gborelli]
  • Added ShapeDisplayLayer [gborelli]
  • Documented javascript files with [gborelli]
  • Refactored collectivegeo javascript [gborelli]
  • Moved static resource to static directory [gborelli]
  • Removed all Yahoo maps references. See: collective.geo.bundle #19 [gborelli]
  • Removed YahooStreetMapLayer, YahooSatelliteMapLayer, YahooHybridMapLayer and relative templates [gborelli]
  • Removed yahoomaps, yahooapi, yahoo_maps_js from collective geo macros [gborelli]
  • Added c.z3cform.colorpicker profile in metadata.xml. Now we depend on c.z3cform.colorpicker > 0.2 [gborelli]
  • Added ShapeMapWidget and ShapeEditLayer and theirs respective adapters [gborelli]

1.6 (2013-01-29)

  • added travs-ci configuration [gborelli]
  • refactored tests with [gborelli]
  • removed tests.base module [gborelli]
  • removed imports from [gborelli]
  • Changed control panel form in order to make it more user friendly [gborelli]
  • Fixed translation domain in the collectivegeo_macros [rnd0101]
  • Allowed OSM and overlay URL helper functions to take into account zoomOffset. [davidjb]
  • Ensuring that the maxExtent for spherical mercator covers all coordinates. [davidjb]
  • Automatically include OpenLayers language files if the language is supported by OpenLayers [href]
  • Added German translation [href]
  • Changed javascript to indicate map loading through the custom 'map-load' event, ensuring that invisible maps on tabbed forms are loaded only when made visible. Javascript code relying on collectivegeo.js must now implement $(window).bind('map-load', function(e, map) { }); which will be called once the map is ready. [href]
  • Disabled OpenLayer's KeyboardDefaults since they lead to the complete consumption of all + / - and arrow-key presses in input fields. [href]

1.5 (2012-02-11)

  • Added French translation [Fabien Moret]
  • Added ability to hit enter key within geocoder input and search. Previously, hitting enter submitted the parent form. [davidjb]
  • Fix minor typo on geocoder error div [davidjb]
  • Replace deprecated usage of jq with $ (using jQuery function) [davidjb]
  • Allow mapwidget to utilise HTTPS mapping resources, where possible, to attempt to avoid issues of loading insecure resources like map tiles. Only Google and Bing support HTTPS for their APIs at present - Yahoo and OSM do not. To avoid security errors, avoid the use of the latter two map APIs when on HTTPS. [davidjb]
  • Provide request protocol to layer templates [davidjb]
  • Make tests install the collective.geo.settings extension profile so knows about settings. [davidjb]
  • Added Danish translation [stonor]

0.1.4 (2011-09-05)

  • Changed javascript to bind window load event to create map. It fixes #29 [gborelli]
  • Added fix to reload OL map layers when the map is made visible after being loaded within a non-default Plone fieldset [davidjb]
  • added improvements about the Internationalization [macagua]
  • added support for Spanish localization for collective.geo.mapwidget domain [macagua]
  • Make our mapwidget automatically zoom to see a loaded WKT feature. [davidjb]
  • Show our default fieldset first on our form in accordance with changes in 0.5.0+. [davidjb]
  • Added ability to display custom-styled maps with inline CSS. This is based around width/height initially for either global or local custom settings but is extensible by mapping more fields. [davidjb]
  • added map_viewlet_managers in control panel form [gborelli]
  • plone 4.1 fixes [gborelli]
  • changed Browser import from Testing.testbrowser [gborelli]
  • removed import [gborelli]
  • changed map widgets jsfactory to provide a simple way to customize it [gborelli]
  • added z3c.autoinclude entry point [gborelli]
  • fixed layers query in maplayers
  • Added ability to drag features drawn onto OL map when editing [davidjb]
  • Minor spelling corrections [davidjb]

0.1.3 (2011-02-20)

  • changed Google maps javascript url

0.1.2 (2010-12-28)

  • fixed UnicodeDecodeError in maplayers [gborelli]
  • fixed set_coordinates js [gborelli]
  • Added dutch translations [robgietema]

0.1.1 (2010-11-13)

  • added geocoding to controlpanel
  • added cgmap.portal_url in collective.geo javascript
  • Removed unused googleapi configuration from controlpanel
  • Changed numZoomLevels in default mapwidget
  • Updated Google map layers to Googlemaps v3
  • fixed italian translation

0.1 (2010-10-31)

  • Initial release moved from collective.geo.settings


[X] Internationalized

[X] Unit tests

[ ] End-user documentation

[ ] Internal documentation (documentation, interfaces, etc.)

[X] Existed and maintained for at least 6 months

[ ] Installs and uninstalls cleanly

[ ] Code structure follows best practice

Current Release
collective.geo.mapwidget 2.1.3

Released Aug 16, 2014 — tested with Plone 4.3, Plone 4.2

minor fixes and improvements
More about this release…

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All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
2.1.3 Aug 16, 2014 minor fixes and improvements More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
GPL final
2.1.2 Mar 16, 2014 Geocoder fix More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
GPL final
2.1.1 Feb 26, 2014 Improved Dexterity support More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
GPL final
2.0 Oct 29, 2013 javascript refactoring and improved map layers management More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
GPL final
1.6 Jan 28, 2013 see: More about this release…
Plone 4.2
GPL final
1.5 Feb 11, 2012 Added French and Danish translations and little improvements More about this release…
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
GPL final
0.1.4 Sep 05, 2011 bug fixes and plone 4.1 compatibility More about this release…
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
GPL final
0.1.3 Feb 20, 2011 changed Google maps javascript url More about this release…
Plone 4
GPL final
0.1.2 Dec 28, 2010 added dutch translation and geocoding javascript fixes More about this release…
Plone 4
GPL final
0.1.1 Nov 13, 2010 Google Maps v3 More about this release…
Plone 4
GPL final
0.1 first release More about this release…
Plone 4
GPL beta