A tool for creating a step by step introduction or a tutorial

Project Description


collective.amberjack borns to be a tool:

  • as an editor, for creating a tutorial or a site tour
  • as an end user to select the desired tour and run it

it's based on the amberjack library

Current Status

We just released the 1.1 version for Plone 4

The parts are:

provides core functionality for collective.amberjack package
provides plone tours for collective.amberjack package
provides portlet for collective.amberjack package


  • Massimo Azzolini [massimo_azzolini]
  • Vincent Fretin [vincentfretin]
  • Luca Fabbri [keul]
  • Federica D'Elia [fdelia]
  • Mirco Angelini [mirco]
  • Andrew Mleczko [amleczko]
  • Giacomo Spettoli [giacomos]
  • Simone Orsi [simahawk]
  • Jacopo Deyla
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna
  • Aaron VanDerlip [aaronv]
  • Michael Davis [millie]
  • Irene Capatti [nekorin]
  • Giorgio Borelli [gborelli]
  • Andrea Benetti [DkAndrea]
  • Sylvain Boureliou [sylvainb]

Amberjack library


  • Slovenian translation started by Domen Kozar
  • Italian translation started by Stefano Marchetti [stemrc]

Current Release

No stable release available yet.

If you are interested in getting the source code of this project, you can get it from the Code repository .

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