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Manage your Bookmarks online. -- Bookmarks have one major drawback. They are local to the machine. Active internet users using more then one PC/OS need to store and access their bookmarks online.

Project Description

Tasty Bookmarks is a merge of two Products: ATBookmarks (by Christian Ledermann) and tasty (by Tim Hicks). Sometimes Tasty Bookmarks will be referred to as ATBookmarks and internally ATBookmarks is used quite often. Do not let this confuse you, the old notation is just kept up to avoid compatibility issues. ATBookmarks and Tasty Bookmarks are synonyms.

Tasty Bookmarks Site

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Tasty Bookmarks provides a folderish type 'Bookmark Folder. BookmarkFolders have an Id (part of the URL), a Title (the name, thats what you see in your navigation), and a description.

Add a BookmarkFolder to your Site. Go to this folder i.e. www.example.test/links/bookmark_view. There you will find the javascipt e.g.:

  javascript:void(win=window.open ('http://www.example.test/Links/linux/bookmark_view?a=' + location.href + '&t=' + document.title)) 

you will have to add to your favorites (in your browser Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks. Now every time you click on that bookmark a new window opens that lets you add that Bookmark to that folder. The URI and Title are taken from the bookmarked page. Its an good idea to provide an description, especially when you are maintaining a public accessible Bookmark Folder. You can also add keywords to your links. If you want to have your bookmarks in a subfolder just click on this folder the values for Link and title will get propagated to it. The Cancel - Button in the form just resets the changes you made manually to the Input-Fields.

Replace the Favorites folder with a BookmarkFolder

The Favorits Folder in Plone is a nice thing but not really of much use. In none of the Sites I have set up members are really using it. ATBookmarks replaces the addtoFavorites.py script with its own version. If you do not want to use it either customize the original into your custom folder, or just delete the script.

Note that this does not effect any previously created Favorites Folders, you will have to rename or remove them and then hit the add to Favorites Icon to create a BookmarkFolder. You can cut and paste the contents from your old Favorites into that new bookmark folder then.

Access your bookmarks online

Thats the main usage of Tasty Bookmarks. There are three possibilities to view your links:

  1. Bookmark view: This is a folderlisting in a DMOZ like view.
  2. Tasty tree: A tree representation of your bookmark folders and links.
  3. Tasty view lets you filter your bookmarks by keywords.


Build a Custom Search Engine out of your Bookmarks

If You have Google Co-op installed you are able to build a linked custom search engine out of your bookmarks. Tasty Bookmarks will generate the needed xml Context and Annotation files for you. This search engine will limit the sites to search to your current context, i.e. to the Bookmark Folder you are in and the keywords you filtered by.

caveats: You must not add links in the form http://plone.org the slash (/) at the end of the URL is mandantory so the link must be http://plone.org/. Avoid linking to pages, rather link to the directory i.e ommit the usual suspects index.html, index.php, home.html, default.asp etc. Do not link to http://www.unep.org/default.asp but to http://www.unep.org/ otherwise the annotation file will resrict your searches to just that page.

xbel export

You can export your bookmarks to xbel (http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/topics/xbel/) for use in your favorite browser by appending xbel e.g. (http://nan.objectis.net/Links/xbel) to your BookmarkFolder url.

RSS Feed - Live Bookmarks with Mozilla

A Bookmarkfolder generates an RSS 2.0 feed, that can be used as a Live Bookmarks.

Mozilla Sidebar

With Mozilla and Firefox you can access your Bookmarks with the Tasty Sidebar. The Sidebar displays a tree representation of your Bookmarkfolders.


Bookmarks Synchronizer is a Mozilla Firefox extension that lets you connect to an FTP/HTTP server and synchronize your bookmarks that are stored in an XML file. Setup is easy; just write in your server address, username, password and a name for the XML file (by default called xbel.xml). A pagetemplate xbel.xml is included in ATBookmarks to get the maximum performance out of this product. It has a cool auto-update feature so that when you start up Firefox, it will download an XBEL file from a remote (or local) server. It can easily be used with ATBookmarks (Download only, Upload TTP). http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/more-info/booksync

Import of existing Bookmarks

You can import your bookmarks by simply uploading an xbel conformant bookmark file. Bookmarks or bookmarkfolders without an id will get an automatically generated one. Duplicate or otherwise illegal ids are silently ignored, so check if everthing went smooth. This implies that you CANNOT update bookmarks by uploading your xbel file again.

Note: The import is still experimental! DO NOT USE IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT!. This does not affect the stability of other parts of Tasty Bookmarks, but if you activate the upload action, you have been warned!

The Bookmarks are standard Plone Link Items, so you can upload existing Links with FTP or WEBDAV.

Current Release
Tasty Bookmarks 1.7.2

Released Oct 04, 2007 — tested with Plone 2.5

Tasty Co-op, build a Google CSE dynamically from your Bookmarks
More about this release…

Download file Get Tasty Bookmarks for all platforms
If you are using Plone 3.2 or higher, you probably want to install this product with buildout. See our tutorial on installing add-on products with buildout for more information.

All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
1.7.2 Oct 04, 2007 Tasty Co-op, build a Google CSE dynamically from your Bookmarks More about this release…
Plone 2.5
GPL final
1.7 Tasty Co-op, build a Google CSE dynamically from your Bookmarks More about this release…
Plone 2.5
GPL beta
1.6.2 Jan 12, 2007 Bugfix release and some enhancements for tagging More about this release…
Plone 2.5.1
GPL final
1.6 Jun 30, 2006 RSS Feeds for tasty_view, 'Featured Link' Support, works (only) with plone 2.1 and 2.5 More about this release…
Plone 2.5
Plone 2.1.3
Plone 2.1.2
GPL release-candidate
1.5.3 This version works with (and requires) Plone 2.1.2 More about this release…
Plone 2.1.2
Plone 2.1.1
GPL beta
1.5 Jun 22, 2006 Merge of ATBookmarks and tasty into Tasty Bookmarks More about this release…
Plone 2.0.5
GPL final
1.4.2 Mar 23, 2005 RSS 2 Feeds, better support for Xbel, replaces the favorites folder More about this release…
Plone 2.0.5
GPL final