Archetypes 1.4.3 (Apr 17, 2007)

This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

Bugfix Release of Archetypes 1.4 for Plone 2.5.3 release. If you use RichDocument look at the release notes!

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Release Notes

Tested with Zope 2.9.6
State Final release
License BSD
Release Manager Jens Klein

This release fixes several smaller issues. One minor feature is a fix and change of the BooleanWidget to display 'Yes' and 'No'. It uses a vocabulary here. This addition broke bad (wrong) code in RichDocument for example (which is already fixed in svn). So after an upgrade you need to fix your/others broken code. The problem will come to light very rarely!

Also Archetypes fires more zope3-events, better css-styling possibilites per-type and uses sane permissions for manage_copyObjects, manage_pasteObjects, manage_renameObject.

Thanks to the contributors et al!

-- Jensens

Change log

1.4.3-final - 2007-04-17

* Add an ObjectModifiedEvent right after `initializeArchetype`,
since that modifies the object with default values defined in the

* Fix Do not put security
declarations on a ComputedAttribute, or on 'def content_type(self)'.

* BooleanWidget always displays 'True' and 'False'. This is very IT-centric!
In real world people prefer 'Yes' and 'No' - or custom settings. Latter was
fixed before, but Archetypes should have a sane default behaviour, so its
now changed to display 'Yes' and 'No' - and is l10n aware.

* BooleanWidget offers to show something different than True/ False in view
macro using a vocabulary. Unfortunally it passed a boolean to the
DisplayList, which raised a TypeError. Now we pass the string
representations 'True' and 'False using 'str(key)', so one can define
a vocabulary like [('True', 'Yes'), ('False', 'No')].

* Fix " does not
respect the portal wide visible_ids setting".

* The last change expected portal_type global available. This is true for all
good archetypes products ;-) but failed with CacheSetup, where editmacros
was called w/o setting it. Archetypes now ignores this missing global and
inititalize it to 'unknowntype'.

* for better css styling hpeter added a class and a id to edit_macros form
element, which enables per-type styling of base_edit.

* Fix unicodeEncode skin method to deal with sequences; fixes SelectionWidget
with underlying LinesField case where the current value was not reflected
in the edit widget. Fixes issue #705.

* BaseContent.PUT will now also fire the object modified event.

* Update the base folder types to use sane permissions for
manage_copyObjects, manage_pasteObjects, manage_renameObject(s)
rather than the default 'View management screens' given by
OFS.CopySupport (the permission mapping used is from

* Backported the catalog unindexing silencer code from trunk, as in contrast
to the former code on this branch it doesn't use any private attributes.

* Fixed translation domain of two messages in go_back.cpy. These were missing
from the Archetypes translation files.