Archetypes 1.4.2 (Dec 15, 2006)

This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

Bugfix Release of Archetypes 1.4 for Plone 2.5.2 release

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Change log

1.4.2-final - 2006-12-15
* Fixzd missing declaration of timestamp property in TextAreaWidget for
append_only mode.
It may need a better intregration of plone datetime format property.

* Fixed missing i18n statement for the text format label on visual widgets.
This closes

* Fixed a minor issue of FixedPointField: It now works with integer default

* Add a try: finally: clause in AllowedTypesByIfaceMixin when deleting
the typeinfo "temporarily" Fixes

* Fix the unique name finder during initial rename on create so that it
checks the names validity. Fixes

* Fix BaseObject.isBinary to not assume AttributeStorage. Fixes

* Silenced more catalog unindexing log error messages by checking if
an object exists in the catalog before uncataloging.

* Fixed #5963. Now all the first headers of the page have
"documentFirstHeading" class applied.

* Fixed #5929. UID catalog rebuild broke path convention.

* Made tests use layers for AT site setup.