Archetypes 1.3.6-final (Jan 07, 2006)

This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

Speed improvement while object creation, important for imports. Basic Zope 2.9 support. Better automatic short-names for duplicate Ttitles. ATTENTION: portal-factory had a bug. You need to upgrade portal-factory if you use portal-factory together with references

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.1.2
State Final release
License BSD
Release Manager Jens Klein


If you use portal-factory with types using Archetypes references:

Plone before 2.0.6 and before 2.1.2 has a problem with portal factory. You need to upgrade to at least 2.0.6 or 2.1.2 or backport portal-factory to the version you use.

Reason: Old portal-factory relies on the odd and wrong indexing-behaviour of Archetypes 1.3.5 and earlier.

Change log

1.3.6-final - 2006-01-07

* enable IDWidget to ignore global visible_ids setting and enable ids by
adding a property ignore_visible_ids=False (default). If it is True
the id (short name) is shown and the global or by-member setting is
ignored. This is useful for types where control over the id is needed.

* 'Renderer' is used to set locals to context of rendered widgets. added
prefix support for fieldnames in widgets to enable archetypes for multi-
object edit forms.

* debug.ClassLog -> generateFrames calls pythons 'inspect' function. This
breaks on at least one OS-X Tiger system with an IndexError (normal setup).
Now IndexError is catched and ignored.

* cleanup of install_indexes magic to add index and metadata-columns to
a catalog. also added an alternative method than 'schema()' to use, for
example if a CatalogTool itself is archetypes based. The alternative i
method is 'zcschema' and does not conflict with Archetypes schema

* Moved the byline to the header to be consistent with Plone 2.1.

1.3.6-RC1 - 2005-12-29

* Make rename-after-creation resolve duplicates by appending -n, where n is
a number, to the id when an existing object exists in the parent folder.
This closes

* Return the new PdataStreamIterator when a Pdata-like chain is
found (we always assume this if the marshaller didn't return a
string). This way it works better with ExternalEditor.

* PrimaryFieldMarshaller was overriding already computed 'length'
with len(data). Yuck.

* Fixed - wrong status message.

* Fixed typo in BaseBTreeFolder.__init__. Thanks jenner.

* Fixed Resync some texts with Plone.

* Fixed BaseObject.__bobo_traverse__ now
also handles HEAD requests.

* Made basically compatible with Zope 2.9 by using a wrapper around the
transaction module.

* Lower the bar for making folderish content implement WebDAV/FTP
'PUT' and 'GET' by adding a new flag ``__dav_marshall__`` that
just needs to be flipped to 'True' for folderish content.

* Finally changing the last toPortalTime call to toLocalizedTime

* Permission for setting creation date and modification date: Portal
Manager should it be allowed to set it manually!