Archetypes 1.3.2 (Mar 30, 2005)

This release is no longer supported! If you are using this release, please upgrade to a newer version if possible.

A final release. A reasonable amount of bugs are crunched.

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Change log

1.3.2-final - 2005-03-05

* Made deprecation warnings less verbose. If someone wants them, switch
DEBUG in to True.

* Added IntDisplayList to the public module

* Added Sidney's AttributeValidator to BaseObject. It's disabled for now
because it might break third party software which relies on a broken
behavior. You can enable it by setting ATTRIBUTE_SECURITY to True.

1.3.2-rc1 - 2005-02-26

* Using registerType w/o a package name is deprecated. Explict is better
than implicit!

* Fixed DisplayList for int keys. The warning module was missing *blush*

* Added IntDisplayList to Also I've coded some nice doc tests for
DisplayList and IntDisplayList.

* Fixed[ 1118780 ] Bad validation for required IntegerFields with value zero
Also the default values for IntegerField and FloatField are None instead of

* Applied patch from [ 1076738 ] PrimaryFieldMarshaller: wrong length

* Changed the reference tab permission to modify or review according to
[ 1087990 ] 'References' action visible for everyone.

* Fixed not to break if CMFPlone isn't available.

* Updated the requirements to Zope 2.7.4+. It may work with older versions of
Zope 2.7.4 but due some serious memory leaks and some important bug fixes
you should really use Zope 2.7.4!

* Backported CMFTestCase/PloneTestCase based test suite from AT 1.4 branch to
AT 1.3. The unit test suite of AT 1.3 was horrible. Yeah you are allowed to
beat me up but in excuse I must say it was first try in using ZopeTestCase.
I've learned my lessons. In order to run the unit tests you have to install
either CMF 1.4.7 + CMFTestCase + ZopeTestCase or Plone 2.0.5 + PloneTestCase
+ ZopeTestCase. For now only the CVS versions from collective are
working properly.
To run the unit tests go into the root of your testing instance and run:
ZOPE_HOME/bin/ -v -C etc/zope.conf --libdir Products/Archetypes/

* Fixed [ 1103955 ] ObjectManager raises (usually) AttributeError

* Fixed [ 1074236 ] DDocument and Fact are broken in 1.3.1 final

* Fixed [ 1093042 ] log warning for int keys in DisplayList

* Fixed [ 1067212 ] missing security declaration for BaseFolder.manage_addFolder

* Fixed [ 1114892 ] should set to field, not fieldname in ObjectField.getRaw()

* More OrderedDict fixes... wasn't overriding 'pop' method from base class,
causing keys list and data to get out of sync if it were ever called

* Fixed broken implementation of moveObjectsByDelta in ordered base folder
by copying my code from CMFPlone. I've fixed it in Plone over an year ago
but I forgot to fix it in AT.

* Fixed [ 1114362 ] use format name instaed that mime type inside RichWidget.

* Filtering schemata from showing up on base_edit unless user actually
has edit privs to some of the fields

* Fixed utils.OrderedDict problems:
- constructor was failing w/ non-empty argument
- infinite loop when copy() was called

* Changed UI for Image/File widgets. Should be a lot better now.

* BaseUnit backward compability on very old bad migrated Archetypes 1.0
sites. Thanks to Brent M Hendricks <>.

* Commented out the View/Edit links for ordinary display - feel free to
enable these in your site, but they should definitely not be there by

* Added the last (and only) info that isn't being handled by AT for FTI:
allow_discussion. Now you can define it at class level, as any other
FTI property. The module level modify_fti method still exists for any
advanced configuration.

* Improved test for [ 1003868 ] to demonstrate the real problem:
default_charset isn't respected. Now when db_encoding isn't defined,
we give precedence to site_encoding and then fallback to utf-8.
Bonus: there's no more need to mess with 'sys.getdefaultencoding()'
to make tests run... ;-)

* The subobject Wrapper class is now based on Acquisition.Explicit. And
BaseObject's subobject works now.

* Applied ApeSupport changes needed for APE 1.0. Thx to Roché Compaan.
Changed comment to doc-string.
[yenzenz, zwork]

* Added Italian translation. Thanks to Mirto Silvio Busico.

* Change permission of OrderedBaseFolder's manage_renameObject to make
FTP works.

* Fixedi [ 1053960 ] Cancel goes back to previous schemata page, thanks
to Alec Mitchell.

* Fix redirect of ZMI constructor, fix ZMI base_add and base_edit.

* Fixed [ 1058669 ] Wrong i18n:translate in widgets/

* Use method getFilename in instead of direct attribute access,
which ignores BaseUnit.

* Fixed [ 1084278 ] In www/generateDebug.zpt error in *

* Applied patch in [ 1076864 ] schemata links need css declaration, thanks to
David Convent.

* Fixed [ 1067923 ] ImageField.get_size does not work properly.

* Fixed bugs in the reference graph feature that was broken for me.

* Fixed [ 1066884 ] getAvailableSizes 1.3.1-rc4. Thanks to Steve

* Fixed path to kernel uuid pseudo file.

* Don't use the format selector from wysiwyg.

* Fixed use version.txt instead of coping a string to
several places; changed license to the current license "BSD-like".

* Fixed reference cataloging when dealing with BTree folders.

* Fixed [ 948385 ] Allow wysiwyg editors to override RichWidget format
[duncanb, ender]

* Fixed traversal/WebDAV for the nth time, now with tests.

* Fixed a possible problem when installing uid_catalog.

* Added multi-field support to getFilename/setFilename and also
getContentType/setContentType. Bonus: reformated ChangeLog... ;-)

* Updated Catalan translation. Thanks to Albert Lombarte.