Online Chat

There are Plone chat rooms used by our friendly and vibrant community of volunteers, including users, designers, integrators and developers.

Google Summer of Code Students

GSoC students: do not use chat. To introduce yourself or to ask questions on how to get started, please use our forum and follow the instructions for interested GSoC students.

Please see our tips on how to ask support questions

Get Volunteer Help in our Forum

If you have run into a problem and require help, please post your questions to our forum, and include as much detail as you can (operating system, version of Plone, version of any add-ons, the exact commands you ran, and the full error message text).

Please remember: forum participants are volunteers. 

Get Commercial Production Support

If you require immediate production support, please contact one of the commercial Plone providers listed at

Plone Chat 

Please do not use chat to ask for support. Support questions should be directed to either the volunteers in the Plone forum or commercial providers.

Plone uses chat services to foster its sense of community. All are welcome to drop in, join discussions, and ask general questions!

Online Chat (Gitter)

Gitter is the best way to interact with the Plone community. Gitter offers a user-friendly way to chat, with enhancements such as off-line responses, notifications and indexing of discussions.

Join the public Plone Gitter channel (or click on the green "Open Chat" button at the bottom right of this page)

Gitter sidecar chat screenshot Gitter Screen Shot

Please be aware that you will be chatting with volunteers. 

The best way to sign on to Gitter is via your GitHub account. You can also use Facebook and Twitter logins, but we highly encourage you to use GitHub instead. Plone uses GitHub for its code, documentation, training materials, and issue tracking.

Legacy Plone Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

You will want to join #plone, the main Plone chat channel on You will be chatting with volunteers in this IRC chat room; it is not a commercial support channel. 

Click here to connect to Plone's IRC chat room

Please first read question and chat guidelines if you are new to open source communities and IRC chat.

If you don't get responses in IRC please try the Plone Community Forums.

IRC is frequented by volunteers. Commercial support is available from

Other Ways to Connect to IRC

To connect with an IRC client, you need one installed — which we recommend, it's much nicer for long-term use than doing it via a web browser. Here are some recommendations:

Other Plone-Related Channels on

  • #plone - our main IRC chat room
  • #plone-ai - Admin & Infrastructure team.
  • #plone-board - Foundation board members
  • #plone-comms - Communications Team
  • #plone-de - In German
  • #plone-docs - Documentation Team
  • #plone-fr - In French
  • #plonegovbr - Government of Brazil
  • #scplone - Pennsylvania State College
  • #sprint - Sprinters
  • #training - Training team

Additional IRC Tips

In addition to our tips on how to ask support questions, these are specific to IRC:

  • Show traceback errors. Copy and paste the entire traceback error in or similar service and provide the link to your paste.
  • Keep the IRC chat window open for at least 30 minutes and be patient. Please do not repeat your question — people might be busy or unable to help with your specific problem. Silence doesn't mean we're ignoring you! It means nobody available knows the answer to your question.
  • Use the examples below to phrase your question in ways people can help you:
    • "When I start Zope in debug mode I get the following log entry. I pasted the log to and here is the link for the log entry"
    • "Hi, I'm using product XYZ on Plone 4.0.1, I have a problem with the feature that is supposed to doABC— I get error BlahBlahError — what might be wrong? Here is a link to the error log on">"
  • Additional IRC Commands
  • If you need any additional help, e.g. changing the channel topic or anything else, ask for an operator